Wild Card

[PDF] Wild Card | by ✓ Lora Leigh, [PDF] Wild Card | by ✓ Lora Leigh - Wild Card, Wild Card It was supposed to be simple All Navy SEAL Nathan Malone had to do was rescue three young girls from a Colombia drug cartel then allow himself to be captured just long enough to draw out a government

  • Title: Wild Card
  • Author: Lora Leigh
  • ISBN: 9780312945794
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

[PDF] Wild Card | by ✓ Lora Leigh, Wild Card, Lora Leigh, Wild Card It was supposed to be simple All Navy SEAL Nathan Malone had to do was rescue three young girls from a Colombia drug cartel then allow himself to be captured just long enough to draw out a government spy That was before his mission went disastrously wrong and before his wife Bella was told that Nathan was never coming home Bella s mourned her husband s death for threeIt was supposed t. [PDF] Wild Card | by ✓ Lora Leigh - Wild Card, Wild Card It was supposed to be simple All Navy SEAL Nathan Malone had to do was rescue three young girls from a Colombia drug cartel then allow himself to be captured just long enough to draw out a government

  • [PDF] Wild Card | by ✓ Lora Leigh
    193Lora Leigh
Wild Card

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    Lora Leigh lives in the rolling hills of Kentucky, often found absorbing the ambience of this peaceful setting She dreams in bright, vivid images of the characters intent on taking over her writing life, and fights a constant battle to put them on the hard drive of her computer before they can disappear as fast as they appeared Lora s family, and her writing life co exist, if not in harmony, in relative peace with each other Surrounded by a menagerie of pets, friends, and a teenage son who keeps her quick wit engaged, Lora s life is filled with joys, aided by her fans whose hearts remind her daily why she writes.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this namecmillan author loraleigh


  1. 4 go s ora Stars Spoilers A man that s whole That s what you deserve, Sabella And I m not whole any longer I haven t been in a long time So Wild Card is the first book in the Elite Ops Series, and the first book I have read by the author Lora Leigh, and I loved it Life is good for Nathan Malone He is a Navy Seal Married to his beautiful, young, soul mate When not out on missions for the Seals, he is running his mechanic shop He goes out on what he thinks will be a simple in and out mission rescu [...]

  2. Nathan Malone was one dirty talking guy I loved him I see the cover has been changed since I bought this book Bought it 3 years ago Bit of a cover whore, I am Not sure what was wrong with the original cover This is the new one.It was supposed to be simple All Navy SEAL Nathan Malone had to do was rescue three young girls from a Colombia drug cartel, then allow himself to be captured just long enough to draw out a government spy That was before his mission went disastrously wrong and before his w [...]

  3. SPOILERS AHEADI wish I can say how much I loved this book and how much the characters made me root for them butI can t, plain and simple I refuse to call Lora s characters as the Hero and Heroine since they are anything but that Wild Card was one of the first books I read from Lora Leigh and I admitted that I was anticipating an actual love story between the characters since the back cover seemed so interesting But no, all I got was a book that was 418 pages long and half of them contained the w [...]

  4. Opening Line Nathan Malone stood in the clinical white office he had been brought to This one is a keeper One of those books that you can t stop reading and then find yourself sad as you approach the end because you don t want it to be over WILD CARD is a beautiful romance with scorching hot love scenes, plenty of action and a sexy alpha male hero that literally jumps off the pages at you Bound in leather chaps and just daring you to get on the back of his Harley What an escape, I loved it Navy [...]

  5. Where to start Where to start This was a completely disappointing book Seriously I expected some hot sex, action, some humor, likeable characters and I got a blend of angst and melodrama and idiots I kid you not, both MCs were cretins.To help you understand why I m making those statements, let me tell you about the plot We have the MCs living happily in a backwards town in Texas, he was a mechanic and a SEAL she was a I have no idea because it was never said or I might have missed it He was call [...]

  6. Awesome Suspenseful Explicit Romantic And definitely erotic Finally, the story of Navy SEAL Nathan Malone, the poor soul who was captured during a rescue mission early in the Tempting SEALs series by evil drug lord Diego Fuentes, and was tortured as a guinea pig to test a potent aphrodisiac known as whore s dust , in order to break him to reveal government secrets Nathan was held captive for nearly two years, and given up for dead, and was tortured and beaten and tempted with women while high on [...]

  7. 3.45 starsOk, Wild Card is definitely a 2016 favourite, but there are things that got on my nerves big time This is a 400 pages book, so all the whining from both our main characters gets repetitive and extremely annoying He s all oh my baby can t handle the truth, and she s all I know the truth, but why doesn t he trust me enough to tell it to me himself.Then he grunts, she silently cries, they have sex, he grunts, she cries, they have sex, he grunts Stars It just goes like this on and on and o [...]

  8. If you can t say anything else about Lora Leigh, you can at the very least acknowledge that she can write a hot and kinky scene as good as anyone But be warned, she isn t into the vanilla and if you re looking for strait laced nice sex and love, don t even bother delving into her world If you re okay with extreme, and I do really mean extreme, dirty talk and seriously hot sex, then you ve found the right woman There are also numerous elements of light but incredibly hot BDSM and mentions of anal [...]

  9. Wild Card is definitely a contributor to global warming Very hot But with that said, I was disappointed to see the same old formula used in other stories I ve read by this author.18 year old virginal girl Check Older man who lusts for her from afar Check Check He growls.He snarls.He s an uber alpha and she s in need of his protection Big Ole Hairy Check YAWN I loved this plot in the first Lora Leigh book that I read, which probably explains my love for my man Clint HaHa However, I m so over it a [...]

  10. Based on everything I d heard about Lora Leigh s books, I started reading Wild Card with some caution But I d also heard that this book was very good and not too heavy on her usual style , so I decided to give it a try Well, I m happy I did I loved the setting and the story I was surprised by the identity of the villain who had been leaking all the info to the bad guys I won t go into details here, for it would be a major spoiler and I was literally sitting at the edge of my chair when the final [...]

  11. Let s sit down and talk about something for a minute That one thing we all think about but don t really talk about You know the one SEX I m not going to get into the romance is porn for women discussion Not gonna do it But obviously, I m a girl that likes a good romance I love the snap and sizzle The gutting heartbreaks The push and pull between people falling and fighting The eccentric families that always seem to surround them In all its shapes and forms, I love a good love story And that usua [...]

  12. 5 stars Romantic Suspense Wild Card is the first book in Lora Leigh s Elite Ops romantic suspense series that is a spin off of her Tempting SEALS series As a fan of Leigh s Tempting SEALS novels, I was anxious for Nathan s story, and I was not disappointed Wild Card focuses on former Navy SEAL Nathan Malone, who was rescued in the novel Hidden Agendas after 19 months of captivity and torture, has been declared dead to his wife, friends, and family, assumed the new identity of Noah Blake code nam [...]

  13. I m not sure what it was about Lora Leigh s latest, Wild Card , but something just didn t hit all my pleasure buttons with it Maybe it was the hero s stubbornness that lasted just too long for me not to get irritated with it Or maybe it was his push pull tactics that drove me nutsEither way, I just wasn t as thrilled with this book as I usually am with most everything Leigh writes.Bella lost her soulmate three years ago when her SEAL husband didn t return from his last mission Since then, she s [...]

  14. So there s over the top and then there s Over The Top Guess which one we have here Let s go with OTT, shall we Series ApparentlySexy times Every other flipping page Plan on reading by the author I have a few of her books in my TBR so yea Synopsis Nathan is married to Isabella cum Sabella cum Bella cum Belle Pick a fricking name already Anyhoo, off to SEAL time he goes where he s captured by a bad, bad boy who sticks him full of drugs that turn him into a horndog on steroids Of course, he doesn [...]

  15. When I stumbled across Wild Card at my usual thrift bookstore, I tried to be nice and give another chance to this author, considering I heard read very good feedback on her book and especially this one, one of her highest rated outside the Breeds series paranormal so not fit for my eyes.I had tried two already one Nauti Boy rated 4.02 was one of the worst book I read ever the second Hidden Agendas rated 4.24 had some of the most idiotic passages ever, though I did not hate it so much.From almost [...]

  16. What a ride When I started this I was rolling my eyes TWO prologues and several large leaps through time But, I was riveted to the book from that point on I had a lump in my throat at the PROLOGUE for crine out loud The two main characters LOVED each other so deeply I felt it down to my toenails They had a connection, a soul deep connection that spanned miles and included shared dreams and horrors.This is book 1 in a new series, but it is a spin off from the Tempting SEALs series where Nathan No [...]

  17. OK where to start 1 THE BOOK It had a lot of the eroticism and sexual intensity that got to me right after Noah Nathan had appeared The chemistry between him and his wife was of the chart and there was one moment I thought I was going to melt from the heat Put it simply their passion was really hot, you could feel it on our own skin The author actually made me believe there was love between them.t just saying but showing Their connection was so intense and real, I was captivated by their interac [...]

  18. Title Wild Care Elite Ops, 1 Series Yes but can be read as a standaloneAuthor Lora LeighRating 1 starPOV Third person, multiple POVHEA view spoiler.Yes hide spoiler Triggers Cliffhanger No Intolerable Heroine.No ber Douchebagery.Yes Taboo Subject Matter.No Cheating view spoiler.No hide spoiler Love Triangle view spoiler.No hide spoiler This book was such a let down and I really disliked the hero in this story Nathan Malone aka Noah Blake is a Navy Seal presumed dead for 6 years after a rescue mi [...]

  19. We start off this book with heartbreaking scenes of a couple madly in love and then ripped apart when a mission goes wrong Bella is told that her husband, Nathan wild card Malone is dead.Truthfully in the beginning this is what everyone believes until Nathan is rescued after 19 months of torture.In the seedy hole where he was kept, drugged, abused, the only thing that kept Nathan from bowing down to the demands of his captors was his vows to his wife But in the end, Nathan feels that he is not t [...]

  20. Wild Card starts out with the love between Nathan and Sabella just blossoming She s eighteen and he s about twenty seven so there is definitely an age gap between them She hasn t had time to mature into the woman she s destined to be yet so when Nathan s job as a Navy Seal goes horribly wrong, he doesn t believe his soft, Southern Bella can handle the repercussions He turns his back on the man he used to be and throws himself into healing his mind and body After countless surgeries and numerous [...]

  21. Wild Card was an enjoyable diversion over the Christmas holidays.Wild Card is the story of Sabella and Nathan Malone The book begins with Sabella and Nathan, young and very much in love Nathan is sent off on a mission and does not return Sabella is crushed So strong is her love for her man, that she is convinced he is still alive After all, she is having vivid dreams of him, suffering, bloody, and tortured.Nathan has been broken and horribly tortured When he is finally rescued, he undergoes many [...]

  22. No me ha gustado mucho.Es entretenido y se lee r pido pero cuando en una novela er tica te lees las escenas hot en diagonal, mal s ntoma El protagonista es de los que no me gustan Lo siento, este tipo de hombres no van conmigo machistas y celosos y demasiaso posesivosLa protagonista en principio no me ha caido mal, pero a medida que iba avanzando la historia y desvelado como era su relaci n de pareja, pues se me ha chafado todo En serio un buen matrimonio es aquel en el que ella se comportas y e [...]

  23. When Navy SEAL Nathan Malone left for his latest mission, he did not realize it would be the last time he saw his wife Brutally tortured and left with only the shell of the man everyone knew, Nathan has kept away fearing his wife, Sabella, would never be able to accept the person he has become When he is sent back to the place he left on a new mission as Noah Blake, he is not sure what to make of the hot blooded woman with a unyielding temper his wife has become.Six years later Sabella is strugg [...]

  24. Nathan Malone is one of THE dirtiest talkers I have ever read fans self Got a little uncomfortable about how the twist was handle view spoiler The baddie was a bit over the top and detracted from the story by almost attempting to be too maniacal hide spoiler Bella was a strong female character and well, Noah Nathan was hot The sex was off the charts and should come with a disclaimer A good romantic suspense read.

  25. Book is not for me 6 years and never telling her the truth and always putting himself and his job first is a big NO He does not really love her he just does not want to let anyone else have her or for her to be honestly happy with someone else.

  26. BOOK DESCRIPTION A fatal escape It was supposed to be simple All Navy SEAL Nathan Malone had to do was rescue three young girls from a Columbia drug cartel, then allow himself to be captured just long enough to draw out a government spy That was before his mission went disastrously wrong and before his wife, Bella, was told that Nathan was never coming home.A dangerous desire Bella s mourned her husband s death for three long years But she has no idea he s still alive Forced to assume a new id [...]

  27. I couldn t wait to read this book once I got started on Leigh s Tempting SEALS seriesd it mostly lived up to my expectations.I enjoyed the overall storylineSEAL Nathan Malone spent 19 months tortured by a drug lord, and when he s finally free, he s so messed up he doesn t let his wife know that he s alive Years pass, Nathan takes on the identity of Noah Blake and signs up with an private sector Elite Ops groups Then he finds out his wife is in danger from a militia group and returns home to prot [...]

  28. Oh Em Gee This book was fan freaking tastic I was in the WORST book funk ever I m talking, haven t read a book in 3 weeks, can t even bring myself to open my beloved kindle, may need to seek medial help BAD Then I read this book on a whim BAM Best decision It was non stop action both the sexy and other kind , kept me on the edge of my seat, can t wait to see what s gonna happen next, pull every emotion there is from me AWESOMENESS I can t even begin to describe how great it was There s a lot goi [...]

  29. Wild Card is the first installment in author Lora Leigh s adult romantic suspense series Elite Ops After reading the synopsis for Wild Card, I was so excited to read this book Listen to this plotA woman believes her husband, a Navy SEAL, was killed on a mission But actually, he is alive, has a new identity, and he looks and acts completely different, compliments of the horrific torture he suffered When he enters her life again many years later, she has no idea it s him And so a new romance begin [...]

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