Left Behind

[PDF] Left Behind | by ✓ Tim LaHaye Jerry B. Jenkins, [PDF] Left Behind | by ✓ Tim LaHaye Jerry B. Jenkins - Left Behind, Left Behind An airborne Boeing is headed to London when without any warning passengers mysteriously disappear from their seats Terror and chaos slowly spread not only through the plane but also worldwide as

  • Title: Left Behind
  • Author: Tim LaHaye Jerry B. Jenkins
  • ISBN: 9780842342704
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

[PDF] Left Behind | by ✓ Tim LaHaye Jerry B. Jenkins, Left Behind, Tim LaHaye Jerry B. Jenkins, Left Behind An airborne Boeing is headed to London when without any warning passengers mysteriously disappear from their seats Terror and chaos slowly spread not only through the plane but also worldwide as unusual events continue to unfold For those who have been left behind the apocalypse has just begun. [PDF] Left Behind | by ✓ Tim LaHaye Jerry B. Jenkins - Left Behind, Left Behind An airborne Boeing is headed to London when without any warning passengers mysteriously disappear from their seats Terror and chaos slowly spread not only through the plane but also worldwide as

  • [PDF] Left Behind | by ✓ Tim LaHaye Jerry B. Jenkins
    138Tim LaHaye Jerry B. Jenkins
Left Behind

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  1. Tim LaHaye Jerry B. Jenkins

    Timothy Tim F LaHaye was an American evangelical Christian minister, author, and speaker, best known for the Left Behind series of apocalyptic fiction, which he co wrote with Jerry B Jenkins.He has written over 50 books, both fiction and non fiction.


  1. It has been a long time since I read Left Behind, but I have one interesting memory of reading it that remains clear and is, I think, worthy of discussion I ll get to that memory in a second, but first I must digress.I read this book for a student of mine She was a very nice lady who came into my English classes worried for everyone s souls and I say this with all honesty Left Behind was her favourite novel her favourite book was The Bible, obviously , and she asked me to read it just after we f [...]

  2. I felt left out of the Bad Books Club because I completely failed to get past the first chapter of The DaVinci Code, so I read this to keep up And boy, is this one horrible book And there s at least 11 of them N.B I will not be reading the rest of the series The writing is beyond terrible In a story that presents so many interesting narrative possibilities the grief of those left behind after The Rapture, the breakdown of society after a massive tragedy, the personal pain and soul searching of [...]

  3. Try to forget for a minute that there are people who take this stuff literally The book actually works as a sort of sci fi novel, the kind Robert Heinlein might have written for adolescents The characters are paper thin and the truth is revealed to true believers It is a scandal that this stuff sold so many copies But it was worth the read to know what all the fuss was about Entertaining, sure, but still a major eye roller.

  4. My mother demanded I read this in my senior year of high school I was no slouch reader or anything, I assure this was indeed punishment for a handful of books the parents had found, and thrown away Henry Miller, The Story of O, Beyond Good and Evil, and for some incomprehensible reason Invisible Man, which all ought indicate the parents as not particularly illiterate people themselves aside from the Ellison, their Index Librorum Prohibitorum at least evidenced a self coherent ethos , and give a [...]

  5. I usually have students fill out a card at the start of the semester with information like their major, where they went to high school, etc One thing I always ask is what book they read most recently The Left Behind series started showing up on those cards a lot a few years ago, so I decided to read the first one to see what they were like This is absolutely the worst written book that I ve ever picked up The dialogue is painful, the characters are wooden, the descriptions are hackneyed In every [...]

  6. Left Behind is one of the most wretchedly awful books I have ever forced myself to read.If possible, I would give this book zero stars Only by sheer willpower and by listening to the audio book one short installment at a time was I able to get through this one Whole essays rants could be written on how much this book sucks, but I ll limit myself to just a couple observations.The worst thing about LB isn t LaHaye s crazy religious beliefs, it s the fact that it s such a horribly written piece of [...]

  7. Most people do now know that I have read 7 of the 13 Left Behind books 12 actually, but then they threw on that extra one, and this is not counting the prequels, the kids versions and the horrendous graphic novels Armageddon can pay off nicely as long as it s delayed I don t hide the fact, it just doesn t come up that often I would have read all of them, but when I went through my Left Behind phase these were the only ones out The phase lasted I think 2 weeks The books read quickly Why Originall [...]

  8. i read this entire series non stop they came out with a prequel series, but i figured how many times can you beat a dead horse.This series was really really good I didnt know how i was going to like it, not being a practicing catholic and all, but even if it doesnt keep to scripture 100%, it gives you enough of an eye opener.I remember thinking, wow If this really happened, i would be one of the ones suffering through all this And what would it take for me turn and accept god many plauges and tr [...]

  9. I d totally forgot that my mom actually paid me 50 dollars to read this book when I was about 11 or 12 Yeah, she s pretty religious She wanted me to read the second and third books of the series as well I think I may have lied about reading the second one in order to get another payment The memory s a bit fuzzy on this The whole thing is actually kind of unsettling the I think about it It s a bit of a drag having parents that really believe in Jesus and heaven and hell.Oh, and obviously this bo [...]

  10. I gave it a go, I really really did The series is so popular and my ex really enjoys the books ok, they re the only books he ever read, so maybe that should have told me something so I thought I d be open minded and try it After all, I did like the movie The Rapture and I love religious science fiction.This, however, is thinly disguised right wing propaganda I can respect people who think differently than I do as long as they respect me back This book does no such thing They manage to twist ever [...]

  11. Thisould not be considered literature.This eschatological pornographyThe narrative and dialogue within this series is simply pedestrian.

  12. I think whether or not you enjoy this book depends on what you consider a good book If you think all good books are well written, then this is probably isn t for you If you think good books have to be 100% accurate, then this book probably isn t for you However, if, like me much of the time, you think good fiction books should make you WANT to keep reading even to the point of staying up late , then you may enjoy this book I remember when this book came out and it sounded interesting I forgot ab [...]

  13. I thought at first that I wouldn t be who this book was aimed at, but instead, I found the opposite Since all the devout Christians have been taken by the Rapture, the protagonists are a mix of atheists, agnostics, Christmas Christians, even seemingly devout Christians who could have been truer This means that no matter where you fall on the devout scale you have someone to follow through the tribulations fo teh Rapture There s fun semi apocalyptic planes falling from sky disaster movie aftermat [...]

  14. if you grew up in church like i did, this first book of the series will terrify you the rest will keep you spell bound i would recommend these books to anyone though, they are fantastic and very well written they reference scripture a lot and i like to book mark those places and go back and read the scripture later its amazing.

  15. Tim LaHaye and Jerry B Jenkins, Left Behind Tyndale, 1995 So I figured after nine years, it was time for me to get around to reading the first book in the bestselling Christian fiction series in history, Left Behind I had always avoided it, not because of the subject matter, but by and large books that break records tend to be writ large by those with the wit, talent, and grammatical skill of overly enthusiastic six year olds Dame Barbara Cartland, Danielle Steel, Tom Clancy, John Grisham, Sandr [...]

  16. It would be unfortunate enough were the prose this book s lone problem But as knuckle headedly indelicate Jenkins describing Carpathia as not unlike a young Robert Redford on 114 and later Jenkins s character describing Carpathia as a young Robert Redford on 232 and heavy handed you might be asking Carpathia to turn against his own angels on 231 and weirdly unfunny when attempting to be funny the entire flirtatious cookie exchange between Buck and Chloe 365 367 and 372 375 and cringingly pedestr [...]

  17. Finally got a chance to reread this and being old then i was the first time and learning abour the bible then i did when i first read it, i have theories and questions but I think the left behind series does a pretty good job of what will happen one day.

  18. I read the whole series but I can t remember which book was which at this point So I m rating the series overall as a 4.The story begins the day after the rapture Everyone who was left behind has to figure out what happened Was it aliens or a terrorist attack The story unfolds over the books and you get to watch people come to terms with the reality of the situation You get to see the rise of the antichrist and how so may people don t understnad what s really going on The series as a whole was c [...]

  19. First thing this is very important This book is a novel LaHaye has very premillenial viewpoints in all of his writing and he doesn t apologize for that Read this book for what it is entertainment, not an eschatology textbook LaHaye has written many books explaining his views on the end times if you want the why on this subject, almost anything by Tim LaHaye will do here he is just having fun This is a fast paced novel so if you read this book expecting a lesson in eschatology, you will probably [...]

  20. Not worth the paper it s printed on, what a piece of shit, I couldn t even finish it It is THAT BAD If there was a 1 4 star I would give it that I read it or tried to when it first came out and was causing such a buzz in the Christian community, I wanted to see what it was all about It was a difficult slog from page 1 It s SO poorly written, the characters are as one dimensional as possible, the dialogue is SO bad, there aren t enough words to describe how B A D this book is The most alarming as [...]

  21. Basically, I thought this was one of the most mind numbingly idiotic books I have ever read It was a fast read That is the kindest thing I can say Oh, wait No The kindest thing I can say is that this fulfilled a reading challenge I basically read it on a dare If you are ever like, I am so far removed from religious evangelist people I wonder exactly how people get sucked into completely illogical, mind numbingly stupid, culty shit like Christianity End Times Rapture Prophecies, etc then you can [...]

  22. One of my managers at work actually reccomended this book to me after I told I had read The Road I have to admit that I was skeptical going into this book only because I knew some of the background due to publicity surrounding the movies I didn t feel much like reading a bunch of quoted Bible scripture but I was happy to discover that there wasn t much of that in the book.The story focuses primarily around a core group of characters all tied together following a mysterious worldwide disappearanc [...]

  23. The concept is great what would the Biblical end times prophecies really look like if they happened today How could the ancient words of Isaiah and Revelation actually play out in today s world What if the rapture occurred right now While some elements are admittedly intriguing the anti Christ s rise to power, the underground believers economy, the covert operations one frustration for me is the characters glaring lack of depth With maybe a few exceptions, these are flat, unrealistic stereotypes [...]

  24. I ll use this one review for all the books of this series I ve read just to save time and that s inclusive of 1 10 I truly enjoyed them, some a little than others, but that s probably of a reaction to my over indulgence than anything on the authors part I was averaging three or four a week around school, yeah too much, kind of like a kid having too much candy and getting ill These books are creative, action packed, display the gospel credibly and made me care about the characters The plot is b [...]

  25. Jeigu, pabr iu, jeigu esate tikintis, religingas ir norite biblin mis ir ar apokaliptin mis ir pana iomis temomis sukalto suspense detective anro mi inio su, kaip ir dera post apokaliptiniams romanams, distopijos ar mistikos priemai a, tada ita knyga, netgi gal ir visa serija, tikrai visai patiks A gi j skai iau tada, kai dar skaitydavau visk i eil s visai neatsirinkin damas ir kai lovingas.epub formatas dar neegzistavo bei neatv r man neapr piam toli , tad Na, sakykim taip tai nebuvo pati blogi [...]

  26. some of the worst books, ever, god bless them i derive a sort of masochistic pleasure in reading them i actually didn t read them, i listened to them i couldn t actually spend that time simply reading.i was reading and doing yardwork, or knitting, or something productiveese books suck oh god, do they suck they had potential for excellent apocalyptic death, disaster and destructionbut they were too heavy on the finding jesus part, and too light on the destruction part stephen king should have wri [...]

  27. Left Behind is a book based biblically on the interpretation of what the end times could be like It begins with the calling of all the Christians to join Christ in Heaven All of the people that are Left Behind have to go through the tribulation Buck Williams experiences what happend when he is flying on an airplane and people disappear only leaving their clothes The pilot is also a main character who has to try and calm people down when their loved ones have simply disappeared off an airplane th [...]

  28. I started this series years ago when it was first released, but never finished For some reason I feel like reading it now.Yeah, this book was so cheesy But I really want to read the next one for some reason I just smh at myself Is that possible Can I do that

  29. I really tried to like these books I actually forced myself to read 6 1 2 of them before I finally gave up in disgust They are just so badly written as to be unreadable It s not the subject matter It s the handling The characters aren t even two dimensional The plots are so implausible that I found myself groaning out loud many times These guys really REALLY needed to hire a ghost writer Avoid at all costs If you are like me and kept hoping the books would get better as the series progressed, I [...]

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