The Girl in the Picture

[PDF] The Girl in the Picture | by À Alexandra Monir, [PDF] The Girl in the Picture | by À Alexandra Monir - The Girl in the Picture, The Girl in the Picture Nicole Morgan has been labeled many things the geeky music girl the shy sidekick to Miss Popularity and the girl with the scar Now only one name haunts her through the halls of Oyster Bay Prep The G

  • Title: The Girl in the Picture
  • Author: Alexandra Monir
  • ISBN: 9780385743907
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] The Girl in the Picture | by À Alexandra Monir, The Girl in the Picture, Alexandra Monir, The Girl in the Picture Nicole Morgan has been labeled many things the geeky music girl the shy sidekick to Miss Popularity and the girl with the scar Now only one name haunts her through the halls of Oyster Bay Prep The Girl in the Picture After high school heartthrob Chace Porter is found dead in the woods near the school the police are in search of the girl whose picture with Chace is thNico. [PDF] The Girl in the Picture | by À Alexandra Monir - The Girl in the Picture, The Girl in the Picture Nicole Morgan has been labeled many things the geeky music girl the shy sidekick to Miss Popularity and the girl with the scar Now only one name haunts her through the halls of Oyster Bay Prep The G

  • [PDF] The Girl in the Picture | by À Alexandra Monir
    318Alexandra Monir
The Girl in the Picture

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    Iranian American author and recording artist Alexandra Monir has published five novels for young adults, including her popular debut, Timeless A Barnes Noble bestseller and one of s Best Books of the Month, Timeless and its sequel, Timekeeper, have been featured in numerous media outlets and been published in different countries around the world She followed the duology with Suspicion and The Girl in the Picture, both standalone YA thrillers Her upcoming science fiction novel, THE FINAL SIX March 6, 2018 was acquired by HarperCollins and Sony Pictures on the same week, in two major pre emptive deals Alexandra is also a singer songwriter who often integrates music into her books pages She wrote and recorded three original songs to accompany Timeless and Timekeeper, which were released as the album The Timeless EP and distributed by Jimmy Buffett s record label, Mailboat Records She also recorded a song that was released with the publication of Suspicion, and is composing a stage musical geared toward Broadway Her musical roots are deep, as she is the granddaughter of the late Monir Vakili, the foremost Iranian opera singer.Alexandra Monir is a frequent speaker at middle schools and high schools across the country and at major events including fan conventions, women s leadership conferences, and book festivals She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and newborn son To learn about Alexandra, visit her online at alexandramonir AUTHOR LINKS Facebook facebook AlexandraMonirAuthorTwitter twitter TimelessAlexInstagram instagram AlexandraMonir


  1. My feelings regarding this novel are very mixed I just want to point out that this is my first Alexandra Monir book and that her writing style makes me want to pick up of her works.It s an interesting story, especially in the beginning We don t know what s happened there was an accident, someone died, and what about the girl rivalry I liked how there seemed to be a lot going on, since I eagerly waited for everything to be explained at a normal pace Plus I m just a huge fan of boarding schools W [...]

  2. Nicole Morgan loved no, loves Chase Porter, but as far as anyone knows, they hardly know each other On the outside Chase is the fun loving and dutiful son from a prominent political family who is happily dating Lana, the daughter of a senator They re just you re average rich, elite teenage power couple And Nicole is the girl with the violin Talented and hard working but plain looking and not part of the it crowd you know the type But Chase has secrets One is that he loves Nicole and not Lana The [...]

  3. Ugh Another poor, clich YA mystery.This advanced readers edition was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Full review to come.

  4. After really like the author s stand alone book Suspicion last year, it was about time I picked something else of her s up and when I saw that her latest was going to be a YA mystery with just a touch of paranormal mixed in, I knew it was going to be the next read for me This was an enjoyable read and the paranormal mixed in very nicely with the mystery aspect and truly created an imaginative story that was easily read in one sitting Told in alternating point of view of both Lana and Nicole and [...]

  5. Sadly I didn t like this as much as I did her other books It wasn t the worst thing that I ve read I just didn t care for any of the characters I knew it was going downhill when I didn t even feel sorry for the guy that was killed I still think she is a good writer and I will definitely read any other book she puts out.

  6. Read of my reviews on YA Romantics or follow me on BloglovinI went into this YA mystery with moderate expectations, but enjoyed it than I thought The story opens with the discovery of a murder victim, a high school boy, and then flashes back to show the circumstances leading up to his death He s a congressman s son, a new student at an exclusive Long Island Prep School He s immediately glommed onto by Lana, the daughter of a congresswoman But he s also drawn to Nicole, who s socially awkward a [...]

  7. A mystery well done The Girl in the Picture is sort of cliche Popular Boy Chace is murdered in the woods Police found a picture of him and Nicole in his pocket But he already have a Queen Bee girlfriend Lana Lana and Nicole are roommates and best friends So who killed Chace Despite being very cliche and the mystery wasn t all that mind blowing, I enjoyed it immensely Alexandra Monir have a way of bring out the character s emotions Lana may be a Queen Bitch but she still have the human side in he [...]

  8. I m not sure what gave me the impression this was going to be a book on supernatural events now I reread the summary While I wasn t entirely wrong, this was the sort of book that had a little of each genre Unfortunately, it didn t excel in any of them.Chace is found dead and the story is confusing Who d want to kill him Until the pictures of him and another girl leak, making The Girl in the Picture and his official girlfriend persons of interest.The book is narrated by both girls, telling us the [...]

  9. A really quick read mystery that kept me guessing until the very end I love books like this where we get told the story from 2 characters viewpoints and that also flick between past and present until the full story is told.I didn t see the killer reveal coming at all and considering I read a lot of these murder mysteries and usually suspect everybody that was a really pleasant surprise.

  10. WHAT A RIDE Oh my goodness, what a ride The Girl in the Picture is unlike anything I ve ever read It is brilliant, poignant, thrilling, and heartbreaking all at the same time This book takes off right from the first page, and it never lets you go You get sucked into the grief, the suspicion, the confusion, and the fear The Girl in the Picture is intoxicating and thought provoking and I am so grateful I was able to review a copy.The Girl in the Picture follows Nicole and Lana, two girls who are v [...]

  11. Whenever I m alone with you,You make me feel like I am home again.Whenever I m alone with you,You make me feel like I am whole again I didn t read a lot of books in crime mystery thriller genre but after The Girl in the Picture I probably will At the beginning I struggled with main characters Chase, Nicole and Lane, who I didn t like much But after a while I didn t concentrate on them but on the story and that helped I am surprised how much I liked it actually I had a few theories who killed Cha [...]

  12. Please note that this review contains spoilers.I received an advanced reader s copy of this book due to my job at an independent bookstore While it was a quick read, I am afraid this particular book didn t do it for me It had great potential, and fell short of expectations I suppose my main disappointment with the storyline is that is centered so totally on Chace Porter, the love interest between the two girls, and not on the friendship between Lana and Nicole It seemed very sudden one day Lana [...]

  13. I really wanted an easy but engrossing, dramatic, and well written read and I found it This story would probably be best for young adults or anyone looking for the same thing I was It s really hard to put down and despite the multiple perspectives, it s not hard to follow like some books with different points of view are The ups and downs of teenage love and friendship may seem overdramatic but let s face it they are in real life too I really didn t see the conclusion coming, well done Oh, the l [...]

  14. I received a complimentary copy of THE GIRL IN THE PICTURE from NetGalley in exchange for my honest reviewADE A Chace Porter, son of a powerful senator, is found stabbed on the grounds of his boarding school The suspects his girlfriend Lana, daughter of a congresswoman and the girl he loved, scholarship student Nicole Nicole is THE GIRL IN THE PICTURE found of Chace s body.Alexandra Monit s mystery had me hooked from page one and kept me guessing until the end Chace, Lana and Nicole were interes [...]

  15. Graded By BrianCover Story OMG, Becky Drinking Buddy Did You Spit in My Drink Testosterone Estrogen Level Creative OmissionTalky Talk Mr Green, in the Study, With the WrenchBonus Factor Fancy Pants Private SchoolBromance Status Yearbook MemoryRead the full book report here.

  16. What can I say, but unfortunately this one I m DNF , when I read the book symptoms I thought that I would enjoy it but unfortunately what I read I just wasn t in to it, for some reason it just didn t pull me in to the story, maybe at a later date ,but right now it s just not what I m looking for, I don t know if it s the story its or if it how it s written.With that said I would like to say thinks to NetGalley for for giving me a chance at read The Girl in The Photo in change for my honest opini [...]

  17. Wow Who killed the star soccer player Keeps you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out who the murderer is.

  18. I enjoyed reading this book especially because I had to keep guessing what would happen In the end, I obviously wasn t right and the no one probably could ve told that it was going to be this person I also liked how the author made the characters and how everything just came together There are a few questions that I have like Why didn t Nicole just blame Lana for her scar when she got it I know it doesn t make any sense but overall, the book was pretty good.

  19. To be honest i have a hate and love feeling about this book There is one section of the brain that is screaming love from the rooftop and other section is screaming hate Problem is both the voices are equally loud that i am not able to come to a decision Oh look that i am finally admitting that i hear voices in my head Isn t that a joyThe book is narrated using two point of view Two characters and it is through their version of events that the entire book starts shaping up The whole murder and i [...]

  20. I love Alexandra s work and this was slightly different than her other books It was good, but not as amazing as the other books This one was a bit slow for me, took a while to pick up I wasn t too excited with the chapters being told from current day and other chapters being told about a past day I liked getting to know how Nicole and Chace came to be, but once I got over how the chapters were set up, I started to fall into the story and wondered who could be framing Nicole Yup Nicole gets in so [...]

  21. Update 1 4 17 See reviews on my blog Novels and NecklacesThis is a tough review to write because on one hand I really liked the story, but also it was a bit predictable and cliche which ended up taking away from the entire book I loved the mystery part of the novel and I thought it was very well done It kept me interested until the very end, and while the person behind the murder wasn t a big surprise to me I did figure it out before the person was ultimately revealed , it still was a jaw dropp [...]

  22. This story is a mystery and a story of a secret love and a story of family secrets all taking place at an exclusive school The story begins with the discovery of soccer star and Congressman s son Chace Porter s body in the woods In his pocket is a strip of photos taken at the fair The problem is that the photos are of he and Nicole Morgan, not he and his girlfriend Lana Rivera, also the daughter of a Congresswoman.The story jumps back and forth in time from when Chace first came to the school as [...]

  23. A short, yet fast paced mystery that had vibes of The Lying Game because of the ghost of the murder victim looking down on the action , The Duff because of the romance , and With Malice because of the amnesia It was very well done and I enjoyed it a lot I had sympathy for both Lana and Nicole and I felt bad about what happened to Chace I had a hard time putting it down and had to keep reading so I would know what would happen next The ending was a bit sudden, but I enjoyed this a lot overall.

  24. I picked up The Girl in the Picture at the American Library Association Annual Conference as an ARC and read through it in a few hours This story is full of murder, intrigue, political wheeling, lies, and a helping of teenage angst Nicole and Lana are opposites who happened to be in love with the same boy When the boy, Chace son of a Congressman is found murdered, everything at their private school changes Even though Chace and Lana had been together for months, Nicole s picture is found in his [...]

  25. Nicole Morgan and Lana Rivera are polar opposites, but end up rooming with one another at their elite boarding school called Oyster Bay Nicole is a very talented musician and is at Oyster Bay on scholarship Lana, on the other hand, is just your average student with no special talents other than the fact that her mother is a Congresswoman Enter Chase Porter a gorgeous soccer player that s new to Oyster Bay Lana s mother has encouraged her daughter to get close to him as his father is in politics [...]

  26. This was good for a laugh, though I m sure the author didn t intend for me to smile and chuckle every other page The Girl in the Picture is a book that wants to be a super serious thriller mystery, but instead it came off as overly dramatic and silly Nicole was too OTT for me I could certainly understand Nicole being wounded by Chace s death, but he was a guy she d known for 11 12 months and she d only dated him for maybe a few months of that in secret, yet she acted like their little romance ha [...]

  27. I received a complementary copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Firstly I d like to say I haven t read many YA Mystery novels and this one even had a touch of paranormal in it I found this book to be on the contemporary side than the mystery Our Queen bee Lana and the girl in the picture Nicole, Chase Porter the son of Congressman who has been killed was living a double life In a relationship with both these girls, and hence the whole drama Nicole and Lana were friends until an [...]

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