Species of Spaces and Other Pieces

✓ Species of Spaces and Other Pieces ¹ Georges Perec John Sturrock, ✓ Species of Spaces and Other Pieces ¹ Georges Perec John Sturrock - Species of Spaces and Other Pieces, Species of Spaces and Other Pieces George Perec produced some of the most entertaining and spirited essays of his age and Species of Spaces and Other Pieces is edited and translated from the French with an introduction by John Sturroc

  • Title: Species of Spaces and Other Pieces
  • Author: Georges Perec John Sturrock
  • ISBN: 9780140189865
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback

✓ Species of Spaces and Other Pieces ¹ Georges Perec John Sturrock, Species of Spaces and Other Pieces, Georges Perec John Sturrock, Species of Spaces and Other Pieces George Perec produced some of the most entertaining and spirited essays of his age and Species of Spaces and Other Pieces is edited and translated from the French with an introduction by John Sturrock in Penguin Classics Georges Perec author of Life A User s Manual was one of the most surprising and enjoyable of all modern French writers The pieces in this vol. ✓ Species of Spaces and Other Pieces ¹ Georges Perec John Sturrock - Species of Spaces and Other Pieces, Species of Spaces and Other Pieces George Perec produced some of the most entertaining and spirited essays of his age and Species of Spaces and Other Pieces is edited and translated from the French with an introduction by John Sturroc Meet Ohio s Venomous Snakes Wide Open Spaces Aug , The Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake Sistrurus catenatus is a venomous species named after a combination of two words from the language of the Chippewa tribe of Native Americans It is one of only two rattlesnake species native to Ohio You may also sometimes hear this one called a swamp rattler in some areas. Restricted and Endangered Wood Species The Wood Database Bowl made from CITES restricted Monkey puzzle wood, harmlessly collected from ornamental tree far outside species natural range Further mixed into this murky cocktail is the fact that for some countries especially poorer third world countries lumber is big business, and placing a restriction on such a lucrative sector of commerce would be seen as counter productive, and consequently Did You Know Marine Life Ocean Facts MarineBio Sharks bite roughly people each year worldwide, with perhaps fatalities, according to data compiled in the International Shark Attack File Hinterland Who s Who Boreal Forest Canada s boreal forest is home to about species of fish Most fish species in the boreal region are small, like minnows and stickleback Larger species, including walleye, northern pike, lake trout, Arctic grayling, yellow perch, brook trout, whitefish, and burbot, are some of the most common game fish. Space mathematics Such relations between species of spaces may be expressed diagrammatically as shown in Fig An arrow from A to B means that every A space is also a B space, or may be treated as a B space, or provides a B space, etc Treating A and B as classes of spaces one may interpret the arrow as a transition from A to B In Bourbaki s terms, procedure of deduction of a B space from a A space. phyloT a phylogenetic tree generator phyloT generates phylogenetic trees based on the NCBI taxonomy or Genome Taxonomy Database.From a list of taxonomic names, identifiers or protein accessions, phyloT will generate a pruned tree in the selected output format Complete clades can be simply included, with interruption at desired taxonomic levels and with optional filtering of unwanted nodes. A Quick Guide to All Species of Michigan Snakes Aug , Massasaugas are a threatened species in Michigan mostly due to habitat loss As a result, they fall under a number of protections The species is seen so little that Michigan DNR encourages the public to report all sightings of this snake immediately Products featured on Wide Open Spaces are independently selected by our editors. Biodiversity Report Food and Agriculture Organization Biodiversity is the variety of life at genetic, species and ecosystem levels Biodiversity for food and agriculture BFA is, in turn, the subset of biodiversity that contributes in one way or another to agriculture and food production It includes the domesticated plants and animals that are part of crop, livestock, forest or aquaculture Marin County Parks ACCESSIBILITY If you are a person with a disability and require an accommodation to participate in a County program, service, or activity, requests may be made by calling Voice , Dial for CA Relay, or by email at least five business days in advance of the event We will do our best to fulfill requests received with less than five business days notice. Exploring Conservation National Geographic Society Prioritizing Species and Spaces Explore the biodiversity that makes up our planet and learn about why saving these species and spaces is vital for preserving our planet as we know it Approximate time required hours self paced

  • ✓ Species of Spaces and Other Pieces ¹ Georges Perec John Sturrock
    103Georges Perec John Sturrock
Species of Spaces and Other Pieces

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  1. Georges Perec John Sturrock

    Georges Perec was a highly regarded French novelist, filmmaker and essayist He was a member of the Oulipo group Many of his novels and essays abound with experimental wordplay, lists and attempts at classification, and they are usually tinged with melancholy.Born in a working class district of Paris, Perec was the only son of Icek Judko and Cyrla Schulewicz Peretz, Polish Jews who had emigrated to France in the 1920s He was a distant relative of the Yiddish writer Isaac Leib Peretz Perec s first novel, Les Choses Things A Story of the Sixties was awarded the Prix Renaudot in 1965.In 1978, Perec won the prix M dicis for Life A User s Manual French title, La Vie mode d emploi , possibly his best known work The 99 chapters of this 600 page piece move like a knight s tour of a chessboard around the room plan of a Paris apartment building, describing the rooms and stairwell and telling the stories of the inhabitants.Cantatrix Sopranica L is a spoof scientific paper detailing experiments on the yelling reaction provoked in sopranos by pelting them with rotten tomatoes All the references in the paper are multi lingual puns and jokes, e.g Karybb et Scyla, 1973.Perec is also noted for his constrained writing his 300 page novel La disparition 1969 is a lipogram, written without ever using the letter e It has been translated into English by Gilbert Adair under the title A Void 1994 The silent disappearance of the letter might be considered a metaphor for the Jewish experience during the Second World War Since the name Georges Perec is full of e s, the disappearance of the letter also ensures the author s own disappearance.His novella Les revenentes 1972 is a complementary univocalic piece in which the letter e is the only vowel used This constraint affects even the title, which would conventionally be spelt Revenantes An English translation by Ian Monk was published in 1996 as The Exeter Text Jewels, Secrets, Sex in the collection Three.It has been remarked by Jacques Roubaud that these two novels draw words from two disjoint sets of the French language, and that a third novel would be possible, made from the words not used so far those containing both e and a vowel other than e.W ou le souvenir d enfance, W, or, the Memory of Childhood, 1975 is a semi autobiographical work which is hard to classify Two alternating narratives make up the volume one, a fictional outline of a totalitarian island country called W , patterned partly on life in a concentration camp and the second, descriptions of childhood Both merge towards the end when the common theme of the Holocaust is explained.A heavy smoker throughout his life, Perec was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1981 and he died the following year in Ivry sur Seine at only forty five years old His ashes are held at the columbarium of the P re Lachaise Cemetery.David Bellos wrote an extensive biography of Perec Georges Perec A Life in Words, which won the Acad mie Goncourt s bourse for biography in 1994.


  1. Georges Perec 1936 1982 What a marvellous invention man is He can blow on his hands to warm them up, and blow on his soup to cool it down Georges Perec, age 45, told an interviewer how books by authors he loved when he was in his 20s were like pieces of a puzzle but there were still spaces between the pieces and those were the spaces where he could write He went on to say how he would like to write everything in every way possible, including children s books, science fiction, detective novels, c [...]

  2. I think, in order to properly review Species of Spaces you have to be as genius as Perec was and I m not I don t think there s any point in talking about this little book Just read it and let it make its way inside you the way it s meant to It must also be quite an experience to read it under the influence of hallucinogenics, although, it can act like one by itself Great stuff

  3. Species of Spaces 5 5 Something about Perec s originality just really gets me His attention to detail, his ability to notice the everyday, but so his taking the time to pay attention, to notice the everyday is some combination of the words breathtaking and touching that I can t pin down It s like he embodies those hackneyed saying you ve got to stop to smell the roses or Life move s pretty fast If you don t stop and look around, you might miss it thanks Ferris Of course, Perec does it without t [...]

  4. If you want a plot, or if you want a cohesive argument, then Perec isn t for you If you want beautifully rendered belles lettres about everything and nothing, then he should be right up your alley In this slender volume of spatial meditations, lists, word games, and other odd ends, Perec as a person shines forth In his novels, he seemed to exist as a method, a way of writing Even in the autobiographical, W or the Memory of Childhood, the childhood reminiscences didn t give us a terribly good id [...]

  5. Riflessioni sullo spazio dal piccolo al grande, dal nostro letto all universo infinito Perec le focalizza su casa, condominio e citt Alcuni spunti sono interessanti, con una buon indice di apertura mentale Complessivamente un po ozioso, ugualmente leggibile perch formato da capitoli brevissimi Facile da interrompere, digeribile, si pu leggere in autobus, al parco, in fila alle poste.

  6. With these, the sense of the world s concreteness, irreducible, immediate, tangible, of something clear and closer to us of the world, no longer as a journey having constantly to be remade, not as a race without end, a challenge having constantly to be met, not as the one pretext for a despairing acquisitiveness, nor as the illusion of a conquest, but as the rediscovery of a meaning, the perceiving that the earth is a form of writing, a geography of which we had forgotten that we ourselves are t [...]

  7. Questo andar per luoghi 2 Non cercare di trovare troppo rapidamente una definizione della citt non cosa da poco, e ci sono molte probabilit di sbagliarsi Innanzitutto fare l inventario di quanto si vede Elencare ci di cui si sicuri Stabilire distinzioni elementari per esempio tra quello che la citt e quello che non la citt.Interessarsi a ci che separa la citt da ci che non citt Osservare quello che succede quando finisce la citt.Esercitazioni Osservare la strada, di tanto in tanto, magari con un [...]

  8. Il est tr s agr able et rassurant de savoir que ce genre de livre existe On n a pas le temps de s ennuyer car cette oeuvre est assez dynamique Les quelques r f rences donn e par l auteur sont intrigante et pertinente Ca donne envie de visiter Paris.

  9. Los elefantes generalmente se dibujan m s peque os que su tama o natural, pero una pulga siempre es m s grande.Jonathan Swift

  10. This was my first book by Perec, and even though I was intrigued by some of the reviews, I wasn t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did I was expecting something difficult to read, but the only part that went over my head were the word games at the end of the book, kudos to anyone who knew the answers to these and I still loved reading about them He was quite the wordsmith.The short pieces that make up Species of Spaces are eclectic, varying in style I loved this approach to writing and if you [...]

  11. this Space melts like sand running through one s fingers Time bears it away and leaves me only shapeless shreds To write to try meticulously to retain something, to cause something to survive to wrest a few precise scraps from the void as it grows, to leave somewhere a furrow, a trace, a mark or a few signs and also this the world, no longer as a journey having constantly to be remade, not as a race without an end, a challenge having constantly to be met, not as the one pretext for a despairing [...]

  12. Comprised of lists things to do before death , food inventories everything ingested in 1974 , vignettes about space page, bedroom, apartment, street, country, space, etc , and autobiographical essays with sentences that describe everyday objects and allude to 20th c atrocity in the same breath he was orphaned by the holocaust and never mentions it his emotionally reticent style and tendency to withhold supply detail at all the wrong moments give the reader the space to have emotional reactions w [...]

  13. Not at all satisfying Georges Perec comes across as very, very, creepy And his schtick is mostly list mania Every chapter is about little else than this fetish of his He simply makes mental lists of everything around him and everything he can ever remember being around him Lists of things to do, lists of things he hasn t done, lists of things he did once, lists of things he ll never do again It quickly grows wearisome Moreover, the writing style is dry and crackling, uncooperative, choppy, slugg [...]

  14. By far my favorite work of Perec, and probably in my top ten books of all time It is a great introduction to his style if you can t get into this, don t bother with Perec One of my favorite works struggling with the enigma of the written word, what it means to be a writer, what it means to be a reader.

  15. Escribir tratar de retener algo meticulosamente, de conseguir que algo sobreviva arrancar unas migajas precisas al vac o que se excava continuamente, dejar en alguna parte un surco, un rastro, una marco o algunos signos Perec insufla amor por la literatura Cada p rrafo contiene miles de historias abiertas para que tu imaginaci n les de forma.

  16. This man was a genius This is a great collection to take your time over, and savor every word There are so many of them, and they make you think in so many new ways.

  17. This book is simply wonderful I had to read a piece of it for a class but ended up finishing the whole book in the end Once I was struck by Perec s unconventional and enjoyable way of writing, I just had to read If you haven t heard of Perec, there is a chance you might have heard of one of his books It s a piece of trivia I encountered many years before I came across its author Perec is the author of La Disparition, a full length French novel written completely without the letter e Does that s [...]

  18. El espacio se deshace como la arena que se desliza entre los dedos El tiempo se lo lleva y s lo me deja unos cuantos pedazos informes Escribir tratar de retener algo meticulosamente, de conseguir que algo sobreviva arrancar unas migajas precisas al vac o que se excava continuamente, dejar en alguna parte un surco, un rastro, una marca o algunos signos.

  19. George Perec is an author whose work fills me with delight, Species of Space and the other pieces found in this collection are wonderful Insightful Playful Everyday Extraordinary Not least because he loves lists as much as I do, perhaps I read his piece on the Place Sans Sulpice, and meant to read this too before going to Paris So now it calls me back.I particularly love how Perec is obsessed with space, but approaches it completely differently than would a planner, an architect, an urbanist He [...]

  20. Esp ces d espaces 1974 which has the trying too hard English title Species of Spaces and Other Pieces isn t a novel, rather it s of a freeform essay on the subject of space Not in the outer space astronomical sense, but rather in the sense of how we take up space how we inhabit it, how we imbue it Several times, I ve tried to imagine a flat in which there d be a completely unnecessary room, absolutely and deliberately unnecessary It wouldn t be a storage room, or an extra bedroom, or a corridor [...]

  21. One of the essays collected in this volume Robert Antelme or the Truth of Literature, 1962 carries an odd disclaimer from the compiler this essay dates to a time when Perec was political in his outlook than he subsequently became, which seems to suggest that the content of the piece would be rendered invalid by a subsequent ideological shift on Perec s part.It is in this piece, though, that Perec best sums up what was clearly his lifelong literary mission He would be succinct in a later piece [...]

  22. Note before review My rating is based on both Species of Spaces and the supplemental readings If it were just Species, this rating would be five stars.First, on Species It s been about a month or two between when I read this piece and now, but it s stuck with me the whole time Perec pays close attention to everything around him, zooming out from the page he writes on the the whole of the universe, and along the way he observes things as simple as a man locking his car to go to the store, the num [...]

  23. An absolutely brilliant book I picked this book from a stock clearance sale of a book store, The image of the man himself intrigued me very much As i read a little , I knew this would be a beautiful book Brought it and yes it was It starts with a poem, a kid poem It is a translated version as the entire prose is originally written in french, but most of the humor and syntactical playful experiments of georges perec is preserved Then begins a journey through spaces Spaces around us, which we have [...]

  24. My friend Colleen plucked this from a shelf and handed it to me after a conversation about the Oulipo movement and constraint If you like Calvino, you ll like this, she said And she was right It was a good book to read slowly and savor.One particular surprise was Perec s account of being a paratrooper, a sort of meditation on letting go It rang especially true since I ve had a close relationship with a member of an army airborne unit I appreciate many Oulipo writers for their sense of mindfulnes [...]

  25. It just goes to prove that oftentimes the best things come in small packages Perec essentially looks at the various Spaces we inhabit in our everyday lives from our bedrooms to our city blocks to our neighbors, our country and the world at large His clever insights make the mundane seem extraordinary I think he challenges us to open our minds to creatively look at the world around us not as a series of confinements but as a series of opportunities for reflection, playfulness and adventure It s r [...]

  26. Absum intellectualism Modes of space within a space within a space, relationships thereof, conversations therewith and the subjectivity of place.Interesting ideas, plays with the mind existentialism Is definitely an architect of form though slight confusion with its language.

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