[PDF] Sleepers | by ↠ Lorenzo Carcaterra, [PDF] Sleepers | by ↠ Lorenzo Carcaterra - Sleepers, Sleepers Sleeper colloq out of town hit man who spends the night after a local contract is completed A juvenile sentenced to serve any period longer than nine months in a state managed facility This is the

  • Title: Sleepers
  • Author: Lorenzo Carcaterra
  • ISBN: 9782266071284
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Sleepers | by ↠ Lorenzo Carcaterra, Sleepers, Lorenzo Carcaterra, Sleepers Sleeper colloq out of town hit man who spends the night after a local contract is completed A juvenile sentenced to serve any period longer than nine months in a state managed facility This is the story of four young boys Four lifelong friends Intelligent fun loving wise beyond their years they are inseparable Their potential is unlimited but they are contSleeper colloq out of t. [PDF] Sleepers | by ↠ Lorenzo Carcaterra - Sleepers, Sleepers Sleeper colloq out of town hit man who spends the night after a local contract is completed A juvenile sentenced to serve any period longer than nine months in a state managed facility This is the

  • [PDF] Sleepers | by ↠ Lorenzo Carcaterra
    432Lorenzo Carcaterra

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    Number one New York Times bestselling author Lorenzo Carcaterra s highly successful career spans than 25 years of writing for the diverse fields of fiction, non fiction, television, and film.Born and raised in New York s Hell s Kitchen neighborhood, Carcaterra landed his first job in the newspaper business as a copy boy for The New York Daily News in 1976 He worked his way up to entertainment reporter before leaving the paper in 1982, heading for the green pastures of then Time Inc and TV Cable Week, as senior writer Nine months later, the magazine folded, leaving him unemployed A four month stint at People magazine was followed by an odyssey of writing for a string of start up publications Picture Week, Entertainment Tonight Magazine, Special Reports Magazine and freelancing for dozens of others The New York Times Sunday Magazine, Newsday Sunday Magazine, Family Circle, Ladies Home Journal, and Twilight Zone Magazine among them.In 1988, Carcaterra turned to television as a Creative Consultant for the syndicated weekly series Cop Talk Behind the Shield, produced by Grosso Jacobson Productions That led to a job as Managing Editor for the CBS weekly series Top Cops, also with Grosso Jacobson Productions Running for four seasons, from 1990 to 1994, the show is still in syndication today worldwide In addition, he worked on a dozen other pilots, one of which Secret Service NBC made it to air It was while at Grosso Jacobson Productions that Carcaterra wrote and published his first two books , A Safe Place and Sleepers.First published in hardcover in 1993, A Safe Place The True Story of a Father, a Son, a Murder, attracted widespread critical acclaim, with Newsweek calling it, unforgettable a remarkable book Currently in its 14th printing, it has been sold to 11 foreign countries and has sold close to 220,000 copies.The 1995 publication of Sleepers, which was a 1 New York Times bestseller in both hardcover and paperback, catapulted Carcaterra to national attention Sold to 35 foreign countries and now in its 38th printing in the United States, the book has sales exceeding 1.8 million copies In 1996, Sleepers was made into a feature film starring Brad Pitt, Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Bacon, Minnie Driver, and Jason Patric Carcaterra served as co producer on the project, which was directed by Academy Award winner Barry Levinson To date, the movie has earned in excess of 500 million worldwide in combined box office, video, DVD, and TV sales.Carcaterra made a smooth transition into writing fiction with his first novel, Apaches, a New York Times bestseller in both hardcover and paperback Published in a 14 foreign countries, the book has sold than 450,000 copies and been optioned by producer Jerry Bruckheimer.He followed that with Gangster, published in hardcover in 2001 The book has sold over 375,000 copies since its 2002 release as a Mass Market Paperback The novel has been optioned by Joe Roth and been sold to 15 foreign countries.Carcaterra then wrote Street Boys, a World War II saga inspired by an incident which occurred in Naples, Italy, in 1943 Warner Bros and Bel Air Entertainment bought the rights to the story in March 2001 before it was written, and developed the project for director Barry Levinson Carcaterra wrote the screenplay The paperback was released in July, 2003 and has since sold 150,000 copies.Carcaterra s next novel Paradise City was published in hardcover by Ballantine in September 2004 with the paperback following a year later To date, the novel has sold over 100,000 copies and was optioned by Fox Television to be developed as a weekly series.In 2007, Carcaterra published Chasers, a sequel to his bestseller Apaches The paperback version was published in the spring of 2008 and movie rights to the story are once again controlled by Jerry Bruckheimer Productions.With that, Carcaterra took a different turn and has just completed hi


  1. Sleeper colloq 1 out of town hit man who spends the night after a local contract is completed 2 A juvenile sentenced to serve any period longer than nine months in a state managed facility Long time back, a movie buff friend had highly recommended the movie Sleepers I never got around to watching the movie but remembered the name While book hunting in a second hand book shop I came across the book and realized that the movie is based on this book.The book presents a tale of friendship, loyalty, [...]

  2. I read this once when I was younger and have not read it since I remember reading this shortly before the movie came out which I had only seen about once or twice itself and the events stayed with me ever since then.The story was a harrowing one exploring the effects of how life can change in an incident with a minor mistake of childhood play After a childhood prank that ends in the death of a local vendor, the four friends of the book are sentenced to a brutal juvenile prison where the prison g [...]

  3. I read this book many years ago when I was in high school and I wanted to re read it to see how I felt about it this many years later It was still a very hard read The first part of the book describes the relationships and friendship between the four boys, we get to know their personalities and characteristics and have some insight as to how each of them will cope in this hideous environment The boys end up in some mischief which has dire consequences, they are sent to a reform school where they [...]

  4. Possibly the most disturbing book that I have ever read After I finished it I was fifteen , I walked around my house in shock muttering oh my god over and over Originally I had picked it up out of a bookshelf without knowing what it was about, so the subject matter was of a surprise than if I had known what to expect I actually feel somewhat horrible giving this five stars, but it was an utterly engrossing and captivating book Honestly, I wouldn t recommend this for most people I know, but it i [...]

  5. It was the summer of 97 and I got grounded for sneaking out of my bedroom window again to meet up with friends to drink warm, pilfered beers and smoke mexican ditch rat weed probably.So while I m grounded I read this book and I can t put it own Because I read it so quickly, I still have a week to kill with nothing to do So i read it again I had friends come over to try and get me to sneak out again but i blow em off and say nah, im good actually, got this book im reading That s about all i can r [...]

  6. The book is very well written and graphic in its portrayal of violence and sex, but I had a sneaking suspicion it may be mostly fiction even while I was reading it years ago A quick search on the net now convinces me that there is a huge controversy regarding the veracity of the story.If it s a true story, it rates five stars.If it s fiction paraded as truth, it rates only one star.Since there is no way of establishing the truth, I plumb for three stars.

  7. The author, Lorenzo Carcaterra in his book, Sleepers tells the story as himself reflecting back to when he was a boy growing up in Hell s Kitchen a city in New York in the 1960 s, and a place he and his three other friends were forced to go to after pulling a stupid prank that almost kills someone This place is a juvenille facility that they soon find out will change their lives forever There they endure unnecessary verbal, physical and sexual abuse from the guards that watch them.Later as adult [...]

  8. Suskunlar bir s redir elimde idi nihayet okuyabildim Kitap 1960 larda Amerika n n sorunlu bir mahallesinde ya ayan d rt arkada n dramatik hayat yk s n konu al yor Sorunlu bir ortamda ve sorunlu ailelerin aras nda birbirine s nan bu d rt k k ocuk, istenmeyen bir olay y z nden hapse giriyorlar Ba lar ndan bir ok k t ve ak l almaz olay ge iyor, yazar bunlar okura aktar rken olaylar daha dramatik hale getirmeye al m yor Hatta genel olarak ya and n k sa bir ka c mle ile belirtip ge iyor, bu ho uma gi [...]

  9. I ve heard that there is some doubt about the truth behind this story, which has made the claim to be entirely true I read this book long before those doubts were raised, and then again after I heard about them, and my opinion of the book did not change at all.It would be better if the story was true, as Carcaterra presents it, but it does have a slight element of yeah, sure that the reader has to work through, especially at the end.But, true or not, it s a great story The friendship of the four [...]

  10. I have cried so much I don t know how can people be so evil we are talking about the boys here I cannot stand that the idea that everything here is probably true for this author , that this kind of thing really happens all around the world, is sooo heart breaking, I, I, I I cannot The book is so good written, and of course Mr Carcaterra implies that the book is based on a true story So many good descriptions of emotions, and characters, and places, and the horrific happenings The story just pool [...]

  11. Qualche anno fa avevo visto il film tratto dal romanzo che a sua volta dovrebbe essere tratto da fatti realmente accaduti all autore, mi era piaciuto ma me lo ricordavo solo vagamente Sparo subito il lato negativo questa storia nelle mani di uno scrittore con pi abilit avrebbe potuto essere da cinque stelle Non che sia scritta male, ma nemmeno cos bene e lo si nota soprattutto nella prima parte dove si salta un po da palo in frasca.Mentre leggevo la prima parte, che racconta dell infanzia dei pr [...]

  12. I absolutely fell into the pages of this book I enjoyed every vivid characters and smiled at the fact that they were at one point real people The story definitely provides a strong sense of reality that only one who has been abused can relate to The author was able to convey such images to the reader that could bring one to tears.The thing I enjoyed the most in this book was the love shared between friends The main characters knew that no matter what happened in the world or how life changed the [...]

  13. This is a true story but it reads as fluidly as fiction.A gritty account of young boys sent to a detention home and the brutality they endured from the guards Hard to read at times, but compelling.

  14. There is talk that this based on a true story is just thata story But I m going on what I read, and that its a telling a real part of a real mans past I had been intruded to this movie YEARS ago I believe 1995 1996 and I knew it had a book on the topic but just never got around to getting itFast forward to present time, and I m walking out a book store and there on a.25cents cart there it is so I get it I knew the premise of the story, as I said I seen the movie before, I knew it was gonna be a [...]

  15. I read this book a number of years ago and believed every word This time around I found myself skeptical It reminded me of James Frey s A Million Little Pieces It was too stylized and unlikely I could believe it may have had its roots in truth but that doesn t make the story a full truth The court case seemed particularly unlikely It is a pretty well written story but I don t see it as THE TRUTH, just a version thereof most likely It could, in fact, be lies from beginning to end, but there proba [...]

  16. I pretty much read this book because I had seen the movie a few years ago I can t really say it was good because of the horrific subject matter, but the author did a great job of telling the story I could almost see the city, hear the accents spoken I got emotional at the things happening to the boys, and I cheered when the vengeance came.

  17. This is going to be the book to beat this year for Best Read It s a rich, involving memoir of growing up in Hell s Kitchen and learning to negotiate the ins and outs of that world From there the rug is yanked out from underneath the author and his best friends and they end up in a whole new nightmare What follows is apparently also a true story, but to me a revenge minded grudge holder from way, way back it reads like the unlikeliest of fairytales Beautifully written My only unanswered question [...]

  18. This is the first non fiction book I ve read that has made me ANGRY I can t believe the author and his friends were abused for twelve month and no one did anything about it That being said, I ve given this book a rating of five stars because I found it to be a compelling read I was surprised at how fast I finished reading it to be honest I should warn you that it s not an easy read because of the sensitive subject matter but don t let that put you off.Sleepers is the true story of Lorenzo Carcat [...]

  19. I remember going to see the film of this when it first hit the cinemas, so wanted to read this to understand the story some It s a tough tale to read Four friends, growing up in Hells Kitchen, are mainly harmless and spend their childhood roaming free in the neighbourhood But when one of their pranks goes wrong and a man is seriously injured, they are sent to a Reform School for Boys Although their sentence is only for a few months, what they find inside is a group of guards determined to bully [...]

  20. This book was gripping and vividly depicted without superfluous detail.The characters become very real, you want to reach out to them I was immersed in the scenery Even if you d never been to Hell s Kitchen in the 60s you can be there in this book.Written by one survivor of abhorrent abuse within a New York juvenile detention centre in the 1960s, this book depicts his life and the lives of his three friends before, during and after incarceration in the Wilkinson Home for Boys.This is not a liter [...]

  21. This was a riveting read and it kept me engaged throughout.I looked at my bookshelves and realized that I had not added this book It is a story of four boys growing up in Hell s Kitchen One day, a prank goes wrong and they end up killing a man by accident They are sent to the Wilkinson Home for Boys as punishment It is there that their horrific abuse at the hands of some guards takes place After being released, they deal with their abuse in different ways Years later, two of the boys see one of [...]

  22. Put Stephen KingsShawshank Redemption in one hand, and his The Body in the other Now put your hands together and you ll have Lorenzo Carcaterra s Sleepers an allegedly true story of four boys who are united through life by solid friendship, never leaving each others side An eye opener to what went on behind the bars of justice in the 1960 s New York, and the wrong side of the law A gruesome story of what freedom really meant.

  23. Absolutely gripping based around 4 boys growing up in Hell s Kitchen an underlying message that not all bad horrendous experiences will destroy your life or affect your successes not always Based on a true story and extremely disturbing story of raw revenge and trauma What an exciting book to read.

  24. Maybe not quite a 5 but I needed a good book today and this was it did not like the start of it all that much, seemed maybe a little like a documentary or travelogue, but moved into a good well told story

  25. Supposedly true story, that starts out as a coming of age story then evolves into a prison survival story and finally turns into a sweet revenge story While I have my doubts regarding the veracity of some events none have been disproved Either way, this was a really great book and I couldn t put it down.

  26. I saw this movie before I read the book And the movie always left me feeling sad but at the same time, hopeful The book was not any different Sad for the boys who lost their innocence at such a young age but hopeful for the friendship that they shared which ran deeper than blood The story, brought to light by the narrator Lorenzo Carcaterra was nothing short of captivating I loved the movie and now I ve made room in my heart for the book as well A story that will stick with me forever, reminding [...]

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