One Morning in Maine

☆ One Morning in Maine ↠ Robert McCloskey, ☆ One Morning in Maine ↠ Robert McCloskey - One Morning in Maine, One Morning in Maine A Caldecott Honor Book Today is a specidal day for Sal because she gets to go to Buck s Harbour with her dad But when she wakes up to brush her teeth with her baby sister she discovers something shoc

  • Title: One Morning in Maine
  • Author: Robert McCloskey
  • ISBN: 9780140501742
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Paperback

☆ One Morning in Maine ↠ Robert McCloskey, One Morning in Maine, Robert McCloskey, One Morning in Maine A Caldecott Honor Book Today is a specidal day for Sal because she gets to go to Buck s Harbour with her dad But when she wakes up to brush her teeth with her baby sister she discovers something shocking Her tooth is loose And that s just the start of a huge day. ☆ One Morning in Maine ↠ Robert McCloskey - One Morning in Maine, One Morning in Maine A Caldecott Honor Book Today is a specidal day for Sal because she gets to go to Buck s Harbour with her dad But when she wakes up to brush her teeth with her baby sister she discovers something shoc Le loup en slip Le loup en slip tome cache noisettes Oct , Dans la fort du Loup en slip, l heure est aux festins et aux emplettes C est qu la fin de l anne, plus que jamais, la noisette est la fte Tandis que tout le monde ptisse qui mieux mieux, Madame la chouette fait sa tourne de cadeaux Elle offre au loup en slip un superbe hibou casse noisette rouge ptard Ce soir l, le loup s endort ravi. I.S.S Snipers tome , loup y es tu Sep , Un tome moins russi que le Sur Khliste il y a un gouverneur qui refuse l autorit de la Fdration avec des champs de force infranchissables On y envoie les Snipers et on prvient le plus costaud d entre eux, le sergent Grigor, qu on y a introduit un solitaire, un Sniper loup, Murdock, qui il a autrefois sauv la vie. Le Loup des mers Wikipdia Le Loup des mers titre original The Sea Wolf est un roman de l crivain amricain Jack London publi aux tats Unis en En France, le roman parat pour la premire fois en sous la forme d un feuilleton publi dans L Intransigeant , puis en volume chez Georges Crs Cie en . Lycanthrope Wikipdia Loup garou Lycanthrope Un lycanthrope dvorant une jeune femme, gravure du XVIII e sicle Crature Autres noms Loup garou Groupe Mythologie, folklore Sous groupe thrianthrope Caractristiques Mtamorphose en loup Mangeur d hommes Habitat Gnralement les forts Proches Ganipote , Homme jaguar , Lagahoo , Nahual Origines Origine Mythologie grecque Rgion Europe Libraries University of Oxford Bodleian Libraries The Bodleian Libraries at the University of Oxford is the largest university library system in the United Kingdom It includes the principal University library the Bodleian Library which has been a legal deposit library for years as well as libraries across Oxford including major research libraries and faculty, department and institute libraries. BURGUNDY DUCHY INTRODUCTION FMG Dec , Troyes Saint Loup Lalore, C ed Cartulaire de l abbaye de Saint Loup de Troyes, Collection des principaux cartularies du diocse de Troyes Tome I Paris Ulmoy Barthlemy, E de Cartulaire de l abbaye d Andecy , Mmoires de la Socit d Agriculture, Commerce, Sciences et Arts du dpartement de la Marne les Moutons lectriques les Moutons lectriques Sep , les Moutons lectriques est une maison d dition indpendante spcialise dans les littratures de genre et dans les monographies et beaux livres sur la culture populaire contemporaine Pulps Comics, Toys, BD, Sketchbooks, Funko LA JEUNESSE DE BARBE ROUGE INTEGRALE TOME , Ajouter au panier LONESOME TOME LES LIENS DU SANG EDITION SPECIALE, LIMITEE , Ajouter au panier RAVEN TOME LES CONTREES INFERNALES , Ajouter au panier LOUCA TOME GAME OVER rue du loup BORDEAUX pulpsrdeaux gmail bibliographie arbres Free Le prince qui combat un dragon, un loup qui se dguise en mre grand, Blanche Neige qui mange la pomme ensorcele, les trois petits cochons qui construisent leurs maisons, le Petit Chaperon rouge qui se fait dvorer, Hnsel et Gretel qui se dbarrassent de la sorcire, etc Une scne d un conte clbre sur chaque page, sur le thme Le Loup, l pe et les Etoiles les annes Lola Lafon Sep , Le Loup, l pe et les ralise un album de noir, de blanc et de rouge, pour raconter l histoire de l crit Amlie Nothomb et Jean Christophe Grang et le e tome de My Hero

  • ☆ One Morning in Maine ↠ Robert McCloskey
    484Robert McCloskey
One Morning in Maine

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  1. Robert McCloskey

    John Robert McCloskey September 15, 1914 June 30, 2003 was an American writer and illustrator of children s books He both wrote and illustrated eight picture books and won two Caldecott Medals from the American Library Association recognizing the year s best illustrated picture book Four of those eight books were set in Maine Blueberries for Sal, One Morning in Maine, Time of Wonder, and Burt Dow, Deep water Man the last three all on the coast He was also the writer for Make Way For Ducklings, as well as the illustrator for The Man Who Lost His Head.McCloskey was born in Hamilton, Ohio, during 1914 and reached Boston in 1932 with a scholarship to study at Vesper George Art School After Vesper George he moved to New York City for study at the National Academy of Design.In 1940, he married Peggy Durand, daughter of the children s writer Ruth Sawyer They had two daughters, Sally and Jane, and settled in New York State, spending summers on Scott Island, a small island off Little Deer Isle in East Penobscot Bay McCloskey s wife and eldest daughter Sally are reputed to be the models for little Sal and her mother in Blueberries for Sal 1948 , a picture book set on a Blueberry Hill in the vicinity Three others of his picture books are set on the coast and concern the sea.Peggy died in 1991 Twelve years later on June 30, 2003, McCloskey died at his home in Deer Isle, Maine.


  1. As a kid, I found One Morning in Maine calming and familiar, an ideal naptime book Revisiting it much later in life, in a B Dalton I believe, I was shocked to find myself teary eyed, even dizzy, looking at the pages It felt like picking up a seashell at the beach and finding a tiny picture of my best friend from kindergarten inside.

  2. One Morning in Maine is a Caldecott Honor Book from the great mind of Robert McCloskey and it is about how a young girl named Sal learns about the wonders of growing up after she loses her first baby tooth One Morning in Maine is a truly inspiring story about growing up that many children will easily love.Robert McCloskey has done an excellent job at both illustrating and writing this book Robert McCloskey s illustrations are much beautiful in this book than in his other books as the characters [...]

  3. Currently one of Niamh s favourites She quotes sections to me randomly throughout the day My, such trouble We re having cham powder for lunch sic This is one of those books that kids love, but parents don t have to get tired of reading to them I love the way McCloskey is able to take the stuff of everyday life and suffuse it with a gentle humour and an obvious understanding of the inner workings of a child s mind Reading this book is like eating a slice of warm, home baked bread with the butter [...]

  4. This book takes place where I grew up in the summer and still go visit every summer Sal and Jane are real people and the store garage are also there just revamped As I worked at the yacht club during my years from HS college you do see many people stepping off the boats reinacting sal and janes adventures which is cute.A fun book for kids and adults all ages who come to visit in this town in the summer

  5. How did I missed this book all my life Well, my children will not miss out on this classic Sweet story Beautiful charcoal illustrations.

  6. One Morning in Maine was our read this morning from Make Way for McCloskey on the recommendation of Sonlight P3 4 While I remember Make Way for Ducklings from my childhood I do not know all of these other McCloskey tales and I am really enjoying them with my girls Blueberries for Sal is definitely the most well requested by my three year old, so when I was able to start a new story about an older version of Sal with her little sister Jane that intrigued my daughter who is also an older sister to [...]

  7. This is just the sweetest little short story ever I ve been reading it since I was a tiny kid or rather my mother s been reading it to me , and I ve always loved it I love the descriptions of the animals and how Sal interacts with them I talk to animals about stuff, too and I m a teenager Also, this book really makes me want to visit the ocean and have chocolate icecream P Kellyn Roth, Reveries Reviews

  8. McCloskey never disappoints I love the story and the drawings offered in this book I am not certain if I have now read everything that McCloskey wrote, but this may be my favourite If you want to offer your children and yourself a sense of a life that is nearly completely in the past, please share this one as a family.

  9. One of the most recognizable names in children s fiction is Robert McCloskey, author and illustrator of books like Make Way for Ducklings, Time of Wonder and Blueberries for Sal As an illustrator, McCloskey was recognized with the Caldecott on four separate occasions for his work in children s fiction twice with the Caldecott Medal and twice with the Caldecott Honor He received the Caldecott Honor in 1953 for his book, One Morning in Maine The story of a child losing a tooth for the first time h [...]

  10. The author conveys his love of Maine with lovely charcoal like black and white illustrations.Written in 1952, the illustrations took me back in time to my childhood and reminded me of the Dick and Jane books Sal awakes to find her tooth is loose Excited about a trip to Buck s Harbor with her father, she and her little sister walk the beach to find him.While digging clams, her tooth falls out and is lost to the sea Traveling via row boat the Buck s Harbor Sal tells the tale of her missing tooth t [...]

  11. This is a nice story about life on a Maine island for a family of four Sal from Blueberries for Sal, perhaps is growing up and has a loose tooth She goes to help her dad go clamming and then she and her little sister go over to the mainland with their dad in a boat to get groceries It s very quaint, and tells of an older time, but still has a sincerity and a sweetness that resonates with children today We really enjoyed this story.

  12. The book is good and is set in Maine The pictures are sketched so it gives it the old style look It is based on the family and the daughter who loses a tooth Questions are asked about who does and does not have teeth It is a cute book for younger children who have lost their tooth and are proud of it, as it is a sign of growing up.

  13. Not as good as Blueberries for Sal, but cute I picked this up in Portland, Maine, as a souvenir for my granddaughter I think she ll enjoy it when she gets old enough, of course.

  14. I had a boss once, who hasn t , but I guess she was my first boss, and, though we didn t part as friends, I thought of her as a big sister type and there s still all these things that remind me of her and how much a relationship like that can mean to a 22 year old when you re so far from your family for the first time NYC Because we worked in publishing, it makes sense Children s books would set it off, but she also had a house in Maine I ve never been, but she was a fast paced lady, she ran ear [...]

  15. This takes me back to my youth I am not certain I ever read this book, but to me, this was the type of book I did read I really like this book.Sal, a cute little girl from Blueberries for Sal fame awakens to discover she has a loose tooth I note that the tooth fairy did not make an appearance here Rather, her mother tells her to put the tooth under her pillow and make a wish.Sal takes off to find her father, who is digging for clams along the shore Before she meets him, she tells the animals she [...]

  16. This is an utterly charming kids book, and I can see why it s considered such a classic The story is cute how Sal s tooth comes loose and falls out, and how she deals with the issue of wishes She sets a good example for children of how to be a good older sibling and to deal with initial disappointment The way of life described in the story, the family s little isolated Maine life, reusable milk bottles, travel by boat, etc is like another world, and all the charming for it The pictures are draw [...]

  17. This is one of my favorite picture books of all time I was thinking about it today because it is a beautiful book about a girl character that is not ABOUT a GIRL , if you know what I mean Sal s relationship to her father and her sister is so well done, and I love that Sal suffers a small disappointment, yet her father does not sugar coat it or try to fix it and life goes on The book is dated, but in a wonderful, magical way that will make you want to go back in time Really, it has about a thousa [...]

  18. This old fashioned book tells the story of a girl whose tooth is loose Her mother tells her she can put the tooth under her pillow and make a wish She goes digging for clams with her father, but she loses the tooth I presume the little girl is the same girl from Blueberries for Sal because her name is also Sal, but she is obviously a little older in this book.This book teaches a lot about nature because the little girl sees many animals and wonders if they have teeth.My son seemed to like this b [...]

  19. One Morning in Maine is a beautiful book that expresses the simple pleasures of life, whether it be losing your first tooth, getting that delicious chocolate ice cream cone, or Mom s fresh cooked clam chowder McCloskey s story is a heart warming telling of a family s life on the coast of Maine, as well as an endearing interpretation of childhood and the meaning of growing up A Caldecott Honor Book, One Morning in Maine is a great book for children between the ages of 3 6 years A good read aloud [...]

  20. Maybe this book triggered my interest in the Atlantic NE The scenery is inviting and would have appealed to me And how fun for a child woods and beach, digging for clams, a boat ride to go shopping, ice cream cones what a life At the time it was written, the story was modern now it s nostalgic But it still shows the working of a child s mind, and as children begin to lose their teeth, they ll identify with Sal This is a keeper.

  21. This is such a beautiful book, my favorite so far of the McCloskey books Such a big day for Sal, and oh, the questions, they re exactly the same ones I get from my almost five year old all the time, so endearing This book would make a beautiful gift Wish I could draw like Robert McCloskey

  22. A follow up to Blueberries for Sal, she and Jane are on their way to Bucks Harbor Sal has a loose tooth and wants everyone to know she s growing up She wants to know what animals have teeth, and do they put them under pillows like human children While she s helping her dad dig for clams her tooth falls out, but she can t find it Not a big deal for Sal, she takes it in stride They row over to Bucks Harbor with the clams and then head home for clam chowder Another great day to be in Maine

  23. This is a sweet story about a girl, Sal from Blueberries for Sal , and her loose tooth The illustrations are beautiful and the sisters sweet All my girls, ranging from 5 to 2, will all sit still for the whole book Well, my 2 year old wanders around at about the 3 4 mark, but comes back to sit down later You cannot go wrong with McCloskey.

  24. This is Sal from Blueberries From Sal , but a little grown up the toddler now is her sister Jane Both little girls were based on McCloskey s own daughters.This is my own childhood favorite I vividly remember the chocolate ice cream cone and the loose tooth falling into the salty mud My own Sal and Jane loved this book too

  25. While the story of this book wasn t as interesting as I would have liked, I did enjoy the pictures, they were detailed and made the book feel alive I liked this book, aside from a few flaws it was nice Taken from my book reviews blog reviewsatmse 2008

  26. I can see why some stories become classics We love the parts about Sal s tooth, the spark plug and the clam with a chocolate ice cream cone 6 19 2000 This is such an excellent story t hat we ll never get tired of it.

  27. My favorite memory of this book was when I was little and my Grandparents recorded it on tape for my sister and I I remember thinking that they had written it, and that Jane and Sal were actually Savanna and Sydney

  28. This book is about a young girl who lives with her family in Main named Sal Sal wakes up one morning and realizes that her tooth is wiggling She learns that when she loses her tooth, she gets to make a wish on it Unfortunately for Sal, she loses her tooth when she isn t pay attention and is pretty bummed All Sal wanted was a chocolate ice cream cone as her wish She spends the day traveling across the water with her father and her sister to get some food and supplies that her family needs While s [...]

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