The Red Tree

[PDF] The Red Tree | by ☆ Shaun Tan, [PDF] The Red Tree | by ☆ Shaun Tan - The Red Tree, The Red Tree When a child awakens with dark leaves drifting into her bedroom she feels that sometimes the day begins with nothing to look forward to and things go from bad to worse Feelings too complex for words

  • Title: The Red Tree
  • Author: Shaun Tan
  • ISBN: 9780968876831
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] The Red Tree | by ☆ Shaun Tan, The Red Tree, Shaun Tan, The Red Tree When a child awakens with dark leaves drifting into her bedroom she feels that sometimes the day begins with nothing to look forward to and things go from bad to worse Feelings too complex for words are rendered into an imaginary landscape where the child wanders oblivious to the glimmer of promise in the shape of a tiny red leaf Everything seems hopeless until the cWhen a child aw. [PDF] The Red Tree | by ☆ Shaun Tan - The Red Tree, The Red Tree When a child awakens with dark leaves drifting into her bedroom she feels that sometimes the day begins with nothing to look forward to and things go from bad to worse Feelings too complex for words

  • [PDF] The Red Tree | by ☆ Shaun Tan
    463Shaun Tan
The Red Tree

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  1. Shaun Tan

    Shaun Tan born 1974 is the illustrator and author of award winning children s books After freelancing for some years from a studio at Mt Lawley, Tan relocated to Melbourne, Victoria in 2007 Tan was the Illustrator in Residence at the University of Melbourne s Department of Language Literacy and Arts Education for two weeks through an annual Fellowship offered by the May Gibbs Children s Literature Trust 2009 World Fantasy Award for Best Artist.2011 he won his first Oscar in the Category Best Short Animated Film for his work The Lost Thing


  1. An absolutely stunning picture book which conveys, in visual language easily accessible to a five year old, what it s like to suffer from a bipolar affective disorder Move over Sylvia Plath, Tan has done it better.

  2. Shaun Tan s The Red Tree is a sparely scripted book with incredible paintings telling the story of depression and how a person copes with it, from waking up and struggling to get out of bed, to finding the energy to walk to work as well as constantly battling the negative thoughts in your head One of the most haunting images in the book is of an ordinary street scene rendered nightmarish by a giant fish with a gaping mouth and bleeding eyes hovering above the main character It s a frightening r [...]

  3. Have you heard of Shaun Tan I was first introduced to his beautiful books at an English Language Arts workshop a few years back, The Arrival remains one of my favorite wordless books Stunningly beautiful illustrations, I recently used this book in my class as a writing prompt for my grade 7 and 8 students It was so interesting to hear the different ways in which they interpreted the message or theme of the book Highly recommended

  4. I completely disagree that this book is about manic depression, which is Manny s take It is simply about feeling bad and realising that this won t last forever and that things will get better It is about the irrationality of this process.The author s take is that you can read it however you like But having said that, he says A nameless young girl appears in every picture, a stand in for ourselves she passes helplessly through many dark moments, yet ultimately finds something hopeful at the end o [...]

  5. 2014 has been a crappy year for me It has And I m not complaining, I m just saying that when I opened this book I was aware of that fact And it spoke to my heart through words and colors and emotions you can t just express with words.You might feel alone, you might sense a grey cloud over you, you might feel the need to define yourself every day but know this when you least expect it, something good will be waiting for you You just need to be patient and it will find you.

  6. Este objeto N O um livro uma obra de arte.S me apetece digitalizar algumas p ginas e emoldurar as ilustra es.Tanta beleza Este um livro aparentemente simples mas com uma mensagem poderosa para quem se sente triste ou desanimado.Shaun Tan um nome a reter S um coment rio acerca da publica o portuguesa, do qual, apesar de excelente qualidade, acho o pre o absolutamente exorbitante Por acaso tenho o porque vi o muito barato.

  7. This picture book is for readers of all ages and I ve never seen anything quite like it The art is gorgeous and truly interesting, the story of despair and hope is well done I wish there had been picture books like this years ago it doesn t at all underestimate children This could also make a wonderful gift book for older children, young adults, and adults going through a difficult emotional time, especially those suffering with depression or facing a challenge that seems overwhelming It didn t [...]

  8. Shaun Tan has been one illustrator author I ve had my eye on for awhile I liked how, The Red Tree , is for the young or old and how emotions are displayed as metaphors through these gorgeous illustrations Can t wait to read from him in the future

  9. Clare bought this to read to her children she s a teacher , but they re 5 6 years old and she said the subject matter is probably too grim for them It s about dealing with depression, if that s not too strong a term for the isolation and hurt a child can feel, and features the darkness seen in Tan s graphic novel The Arrival about immigration to a strnage land Somehow he captures exactly what it feels like to be alone and sad, but with the glimmer of hope that can happen too.d in what 20 words I [...]

  10. This is the best book I read lately It is about the feeling of despair Very easy, yet very complicted I loved the page that goes, Sometimes you wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait but nothing ever happens and the eight pictures zoom out the picture of the main character writing on the the floor counting days You find out on the fifth picture that the girl is sitting on the back of a snail that goes in circles In the end, a red tree grows into the girl s room.Simply, breath [...]

  11. This book is absolutely stunning Blown my mind and has left me speechless The powerful illustrations somehow reminded me of my old art lessons, when my teacher was teaching me about Salvador Dali Art On Surrealism The poetry, the imagery that i want to express cannot be expressed Its that amazing I have still have mixed views whether I will read this to a younger audience 5 7 years old , but there is no harm in introducing them to the notion that with every struggle that we endure in life, there [...]

  12. Read August 2016I read The Arrival also by Shaun Tan earlier this month and while I loved the artwork in it, The book as a whole didn t work for me.But because I did love the art work, I wanted to give Shaun Tan another chance and got The Red Tree from my library as well I m so happy I did The Red Tree is a story about loneliness, about having a bad day, feeling sad and afraid things won t ever change, but also about hope and things getting better A beautiful and comforting read, both for childr [...]

  13. This story is controversial because it s about sadness The art is very beautiful like all of Tan s work, but the text goes beyond what would be considered an ordinary child s unhappiness and straight on to depression, something the author suffers from Yet the summation is too simple for a child suffering from a major depressive episode I think it is a beautiful book for adults whether they ve experienced the ravages of mental illness or not.

  14. Shaun Tan n hem en umutsuz kitab , hem de s rpriz bir sonla insan soktu u umutsuz ruh haline minik minik g l msetiyor Arkada n evinde denk gelince ikinci kez okudum Shaun Tan kelimeleri, renkleri, izgileri ve duygular bir b y c gibi kazan nda kar t r yor ve bum Okurken kurba aya d n memeye dikkat ediniz

  15. It s a children s book, but it s probably one of the deeper children s books you re likely to come across The meaning is subtle and easy to miss, but significant The only clue I can give is this read it twice, and look for what was always there.

  16. my dear friend carrie gave me this book, little knowing it would speak directly to my heart during a time when my ears didn t seem to be working powerful stuff in the guise of a children s book.

  17. Amazing book When initially reading you understand it s about sadness depression, but after closer analysis of the pictures there are loads of interesting things to pick up on and different meanings throughout Definitely recommend reading.

  18. lk c mle de ne diyece ini, ne demek istedi ini s yleyen Shaun Tan igi roman izgi alb m de denebilir herhalde Bazen g n do ar ve hi umut getirmez beraberinde Tam olarak lkece ya ad m z 2016 ve devam nda 2017 y llar n n hemen hemen her g n i in s ylenebilecek bir s z Ama bir g n bir ekilde g rece imiz g zellikler de olacak Belki bizler de K z l A ac g rece iz bir g n hi beklemedi imiz bir anda.

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