The Missing Piece

Ö The Missing Piece ☆ Shel Silverstein, Ö The Missing Piece ☆ Shel Silverstein - The Missing Piece, The Missing Piece From Shel Silverstein the celebrated author of The Giving Tree and Where the Sidewalk Ends comes The Missing Piece a charming fable that gently probes the nature of quest and fulfillment It was mis

  • Title: The Missing Piece
  • Author: Shel Silverstein
  • ISBN: 9780060256715
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Hardcover

Ö The Missing Piece ☆ Shel Silverstein, The Missing Piece, Shel Silverstein, The Missing Piece From Shel Silverstein the celebrated author of The Giving Tree and Where the Sidewalk Ends comes The Missing Piece a charming fable that gently probes the nature of quest and fulfillment It was missing a piece And it was not happy What it finds on its search for the missing piece is simply and touchingly told This inventive and heartwarming book can be read on many lFrom Shel. Ö The Missing Piece ☆ Shel Silverstein - The Missing Piece, The Missing Piece From Shel Silverstein the celebrated author of The Giving Tree and Where the Sidewalk Ends comes The Missing Piece a charming fable that gently probes the nature of quest and fulfillment It was mis

  • Ö The Missing Piece ☆ Shel Silverstein
    442Shel Silverstein
The Missing Piece

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  1. Shel Silverstein

    Shel Silverstein was the author artist of many beloved books of prose and poetry He was a cartoonist, playwright, poet, performer, recording artist, and Grammy winning, Oscar nominated songwriter.


  1. A brilliant, edge of your seat masterpiece Dynamic character development and a knock your socks off climatic twist I couldn t get enough of The Missing Piece when I was eight years old However, that Shel Silverstein is a one creepy looking dude There s a certain sort of child molester esque look about him His picture on the jacket sleeve alone could deter readers and nearly made me drop the rating down a half star, but I wear big boy pants now and the Silverstein booger monsters of the world no [...]

  2. The missing piece, Shel SilversteinThe Missing Piece is a children s picture book by poet Shel Silverstein The story centers on a circular animal like creature that is missing a wedge shaped piece of itself It doesn t like this, and sets out to find its missing piece, singing Oh, I m lookin for my missin pieceI m lookin for my missin pieceHi dee ho, here I golookin for my missin pieceIt starts out on a grand adventure searching for the perfect piece to complete itself, while singing and enjoying [...]

  3. Okta es la segunda vez que leo este libro y me di cuenta de cosas que antes no not La primera vez que la le , comentaba que sent a que muchas veces satanizaba el hecho de tener una relaci n y ahora me doy cuenta que no es as en ningun momento s , te dice que tener una relaci n puede no funcionar por m s que se acoplen bien, lo cual en general es cierto, y no porque tener uja relaci n te obligue a dejar de hacer lo que te gusta o a pasar tiempo con otras personas A guien m s se ha encontrado con [...]

  4. Oh my, now thatIt was completeIt could not sing at all Aha, it thought, So that s how it is So it stopped rolling.

  5. I can see why many consider The Missing Piece to promote individualism over relationship But there s to the story here It s not so much that Silverstein s telling us to avoid relationships like the plague, he s cautioning us not to seek completion in other people, ideas, or things Relationships are hard anyway, and when we approach them from a needy place, we might hold on to them so tightly that the break from the pressure of being another s all in all Or we might get distracted by our own pai [...]

  6. Warning Contain Huge SpoilerSebelumnya maaf ya, review ini emang kudu spoiler Karena saya gak menemukan cara untuk bercerita tentang buku ini tanpa memberi spoiler Dan berhubung buku ini emang ceritanya dikit, maka yahrcerita sedikit tentang buku ini pun sudah jadi spoiler.Saya ini penggemar berat buku anak, jauh sebelum saya suka genre lain Buku anak yang saya maksud di sini tuh bukan yang karangan Enid Blyton ato Astrid Lindgren ato Roald Dahl walau pun saya juga suka karya mereka sih Tapi leb [...]

  7. I did not like this one nearly as much as I liked the story behind The Missing Piece Meets the Big O The message seemed to be that finding that special someone is bad because you miss all the things you liked when you were single.

  8. Hi, it said Hi, said the piece Are you anybody else s missing piece Not that I know of Well, maybe you want to be your own piece I can be someone s and still be my own Well, maybe you don t want to be mine Maybe I do Like all of Shel Silverstein s books, The Missing Piece is a simple and beautiful little life lesson.Thanks, Tara

  9. Even to this very day, I am still reading Shel Silverstein s works and I am finding them much interesting than ever before Now, I have recently picked up another book by Shel Silverstein called The Missing Piece and man, was this one enjoyable read Basically, this book is about a circle who is missing a piece of itself and how it tries to find its missing piece through snowy weather and through mountains While on the way, the circle meets up with several triangular shaped pieces that the circle [...]

  10. Growing up I remember Shel Silverstein s books distinctly because I have never seen those types of illustrations in the front cover and even though I was too little to read them I was fascinated at looking at the pictures Then going a few years back I read some recommendations of pictures book that will impact your life and this book was included in the list I only remember now to read it after I recently read The Giving Tree and found that the library has this book Even though the story did not [...]

  11. I love The Missing Piece What youngsters will see as a fantasy story about a Pacman like creature identified only as It who is searching for its missing piece, adults will identify as a book about the trajectory of relationships Older readers may get a bit misty when it finds a piece but doesn t hold on tightly enough, so it slips away only to have the next piece break when it clings to it too tightly Finally, it discovers a piece that fits just right, but they become so entangled in each other [...]

  12. I m a bit iffy on this one I think it is a great message that we are whole as we are, but this book seems to suggest that you don t need anyone else in life In fact, it seems to say we re better off alone, and that is a message I find hard to swallow.

  13. A great fable about finding who you really are it just me or does this figure look a lot like Pacman

  14. Eu particularmente n o entendo todo o fuzz que esse livro tem recebido no Brasil, ser que porque nunca sa em busca da parte que falta

  15. This is one of the most amazing books I have ever read in my life Silverstein is a genius at metaphor About a year after my separation from my husband, I was going through some boxes and I came across this book I had written the date on it that the book club had sent it to my son I had taped a picture of my son at the age he was when he received the book about 4 years old I pushed the box aside and read the book I realized that everything was going to be ok I was the piece Something was missing [...]

  16. Perhaps I am being too hard on this book, but I remember a teacher reading it to our class in grade school and hating it To me there was too much dull repetition, and the resolution drove me mad This book turned me off Shel Silverstein for the longest time I have just barely decided that perhaps this book was the exception, not the rule and I should give him another shot I might read this again, just to give it another chance now that I am older but I will read some others before A detailed rev [...]

  17. I AM SO SORRY BUT I AM JUST SO OBSESSED WITH THIS BOOK THAT I HAD TO PUT IT IN ALL CAPS TO EXPRESS IT I DON T KNOW WHY I LOVE IT SO MUCH, I CAN T REALLY TELL YOU THIS MAY SEEM SO STUPID OF ME I DON T KNOW IF IT IS THE PACMAN LOOKING THING THAT IS LOOKING FOR HIS PIECE SO MUCH BUT I CAN READ THIS BOOK OVER AND OVER AGAIN Now that I got that out of the way There is a lot of messages that can be conveyed in this story, plus there are a lot of catchy rhymes that I am sure all children can enjoy I EN [...]

  18. As you can seeere is not a Shel Silverstein book I have not read we owned them al My kids my husband an I were all big fans we would act the out to each other at different times.

  19. 4.0 5.0Ainda n o consegui processar totalmente essa hist ria, mas vamos l.Vi que algumas pessoas n o gostaram muito do livro porque acharam ele transmite a ideia de que relacionamentos s o ruins porque voc para de aproveitar a vida, e que ruim passar isso para crian as, etc mas acho que, apesar de ser uma quest o de opini o e ponto de vista, um jeito um pouco simplista de interpretar essa hist ria.Pra come ar, durante toda a minha inf ncia, eu vi milhares de hist rias que mostram como o amor ven [...]

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