Cast In Courtlight

Cast In Courtlight Best Read || [Michelle Sagara], Cast In Courtlight Best Read || [Michelle Sagara] - Cast In Courtlight, Cast In Courtlight No good deed goes unpunished In Elantra a job well done is rewarded with a dangerous task And so after defeating a dark evil Kaylin must enter a place of deceit and treachery A world where silk and

  • Title: Cast In Courtlight
  • Author: Michelle Sagara
  • ISBN: 9780373802449
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Paperback

Cast In Courtlight Best Read || [Michelle Sagara], Cast In Courtlight, Michelle Sagara, Cast In Courtlight No good deed goes unpunished In Elantra a job well done is rewarded with a dangerous task And so after defeating a dark evil Kaylin must enter a place of deceit and treachery A world where silk and jewels hide deadly secrets Kaylin goes before the Barrani High Court where a misspoken word brings sure death And Kaylin s never been known for her grace or manners No good deed g. Cast In Courtlight Best Read || [Michelle Sagara] - Cast In Courtlight, Cast In Courtlight No good deed goes unpunished In Elantra a job well done is rewarded with a dangerous task And so after defeating a dark evil Kaylin must enter a place of deceit and treachery A world where silk and

  • Cast In Courtlight Best Read || [Michelle Sagara]
    301Michelle Sagara
Cast In Courtlight

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    See also Michelle Sagara WestMichelle WestMichelle is an author, book seller, and lover of liter ature based in Toronto She writes fantasy novels as both Michelle Sagara and Michelle West and some times as Michelle Sagara West You can find her books at fine booksellers.She lives in Toronto with her long suffering husband and her two children, and to her regret has no dogs.Reading is one of her life long passions, and she is some times paid for her opinions about what she s read by the venerable Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction No matter how many book shelves she buys, there is Never Enough Shelf space Ever.She has published as Michelle Sagara her legal name , as Michelle West her husband s surname , and as Michelle Sagara West a combination of the two.


  1. Actual rating 3.5 stars Because I m in a good mood today Uh Oh Trouble in paradise Elantra Looks like it I mean, this definitely went downhill pretty fast Book 1 in this series was nothing short of awesome Hey, how many times have I not DNFed rated the initial instalment in a series 5 stars Not many, I tell you If you don t count books written by my Holy Trinity, that is view spoiler Oh PLEASE don t tell me you re one of those clueless decapods who don t know about the Holy Trinity shakes head i [...]

  2. 3.5 stars rounded up Things slowed a bit for me in the middle, but this one had a great start and finish to it.I quite enjoyed this second book in The Chronicles of Elantra Sagara does a great job adding to the world she has created, with this installment giving a lot of insight into the enigmatic Barrani I really like how she writes the scenes where Kaylin uses magic, and there were a couple of great ones here, including an exciting finish There is definitely the sense that the story is buildin [...]

  3. I m going to write this review like the author wrote her book I both liked and disliked this book Grimace it was It was both complicated and uncomplicated, startling and familiar Like an old pair of jeans you slip on then realize they are out of style Shrug Like that, but then Not Frown some comments about eye color changing More about eye color Even so, well You know what I mean right The book was both confusing and made perfect sense.

  4. 3.5 starsI find these books like to give the reader the runaround They re much like the Oracles that Kaylin despises, speaking in riddles and not saying much at all That d be my biggest complaint about this series, lots of words saying nothing at all or enrich it This book is much less than the first book and yet better for it since there s a single plot in this book Book 1 was the never ending story Plot this time was all Barrani, which I m all for, they re second to dragons in being most inter [...]

  5. 3.5 It is hard to follow a great first book and I can understand the little dip in storytelling The world building is still amazing, the idea is still engaging and imaginative I love the various races and in this book we get a better sense of the social structure of Elantra and magics However, the story did not flow like in book one and there was a bit too much angst for my taste On top of that, for no good reason, if you ask me, Kaylin acted like a total brat when it came to studying and I want [...]

  6. This is a pretty fascinating world with its various races In the first book of the series we got to know a little bit about the Barrani and their social structure And in this one we delved deeper into it and their bizarre culture Kaylin is still a bit annoying but I believe given time she ll improve Especially if she stops evading all the magic lessons and learns to control her powers I love the dragon lord that is her teacher in all things magic and his ability to not slap her for being a brat [...]

  7. 3.5 stars Because not all weakness has to be weakness Weakness, strength, power, failure they re just words, and we can define what the words mean if we have the will or the courage So I ve finally given this series another go And yet, I felt the same as when I read book 1 The writing and world building is absolutely amazing But I feel so clueless a large chunk of the time Kaylin as a Hawk is very observant, and the author plays this perfectly But if I m reading even her thoughts, why doesn t sh [...]

  8. This is the kind of book that makes me forget I like reading It is so excruciating for me to get through that I don t only not want to read it, I don t want to read at all.Action happens It s kind of incomprehensible and jumbled Then since Kaylin hasn t gotten any sense of politics, magic, history or anything else, she has to have someone else inform her of the greater significance of what just happened So then she relates the events that just happened in detail to another person so they can exp [...]

  9. These are just addictive page turners for me Quite hard to stop just going straight to the next I enjoyed learning about the Barrani, and the developments between Kaylin and Severn, as she learns to deal with their shared history.

  10. This series is so different that it is hard not to like it The setting is interesting, the races are unique, and the main character is unlike any I ve read before Some of the problems that plagued the first novel still apply to Cast in Courtlight Mainly, there is not enough information Everyone knows than the main character, and even if the main character somehow figures something out she never shares it with us For example, say there are two characters, one says, I have a big secret The other [...]

  11. I really don t like Nightshade and his opportunistic grasp at Kaylin, although he has grown on me in recent books but in the first three books he s just enigmatic and manipulative and distantly interested in how Kaylin reacts, I feel I loved Teela and even so the whole Barrani high court situation and Kaylin s fish out of water shenanigans I adored that she s becoming and a healer and a midwife and trying her best against overwhelming odds.What this book is at its heart though is her reconcil [...]

  12. 4 5 4 stars A I really enjoyed this addition to the chronicles of Elantra Kaylin Neya certainly gets challenged by all the powerful groups in her world This book takes place pretty much exclusively in the Barrani High Court Kaylin helps some powerful people, proves herself on levels, and resolves some of the angst from her past I like the complexity of the world that this author is developing.

  13. Second in the Chronicles of Elantra fantasy series revolving around a young woman with unprecedented power.My TakeI don t know if I m getting used to Sagara, or if she s actually giving out information in her stories It s still tricky, though, I m still confused on certain points such as some interactions between the Lord of the March and the Lord of the Green, and you must pay attention throughout.I keep trying to figure out why it is I like this series so much, and it s mostly for the camarad [...]

  14. This series has a contemporary voice and is set in a fantasy world inhabited by 5 different races, which is why I feel like it most closely compares to the kinds of worlds I m used to in comics This particular book focuses on the politics and culture of the Barrani, an immortal elf like race The Barrani themselves are highly obtuse, which is frustrating to no end And as we are constantly reminded of, Kaylin wasn t the best student when it came to cultural relations and history, so there s a lot [...]

  15. I cannot remember the last time I have wanted to like a book so much wound up being so incredibly annoyed with it I was deeply disappointed in this book The author spent so much time reminding us about what the eye colors of the Barrani mean and how Kaylin struggles to keep a rein on her temper and switching between languages and mentioning how certain ones are suited for swearing and others are not , the book would ve been half the length if she d edited all of those things out Maybe my issues [...]

  16. Extremely intriquite plot, and lots of confusing twists and turns My prediction for the series is that the main character will probably be like this The creature features and magic sytems are excellent If you really want to cut your teeth on something really weighty in theory and ethics then this is for you.This isn t a light read either If you take up this series I recommend you read them closely together, or you will easily get lost.

  17. I HATED this book Well, to be fair, I only made it through the first 15 pages, but I hated the writing style so much, and felt so strongly about it, I returned the book to the store I ve never done that before, but I guess there s always a first time The back cover seemed interesting a fresh twist on the fantasy genre Maybe so, but I couldn t bring myself to keep going Every other page seemed to have lines like this She was lucky Very lucky or She knew she was in trouble But she didn t know just [...]

  18. The first comment that has to be made about this book is that horrendous cover It does not reflect the book s content or give any glimpse as to what type of book it is at all If I were to make an assumption based solely on that, I d guess it was an historical romance novel It s just awful Luckily, the story inside it is not awful, however I found this all together a much smoother and easier read than book one Naturally, that will partly be down to me now understanding all the various species and [...]

  19. I found the writing and audio of this book as WOW Serious, deep, sad tinged with hope and intrique Loved the style of the writing I totally got enthralled with the characters and want The two characters profoundly done right are Nightshade and Severn One is that creepy alluring guy I hope our MC sets straight, the other reclusive but confident guy I hope shewell we ll see Kaylen is an officer of the Hawks A section of the Emporor s rule She watches and upholds the laws of the Emporor But Kaylen [...]

  20. 2.5 stars To be honest, nothing really happened in Cast in Courtlight.SpoilersMichelle Sagara has that repitition going on Multiple times throughout the book, she reminds us of Baranni eyecolor and emotion How Kaylin is known for her temper that could lead to certain death How Kaylin is prone to ask infinite stupid questions that make even the side characters annoyed How the Baranni are dense, immortal beings who don t have any emotion.No character development occurred, although, Kaylin no longe [...]

  21. As much as I liked the first book in this series, I liked Cast in Courtlight even Don t be fooled by the cheesy, romance novel y cover While there are romantic threads to the storyline here, romance is NOT what the book is about In fact, I think people looking for romance might be a little disappointed there are many potential love interests for the main character but they all remain potential i.e hinted at but unexplored through the end of the book Instead, this book delves deeper into the mys [...]

  22. I LOVE this series so far I believe most people would call the Elantra series either high fantasy or epic fantasy Whichever you choose, it s fantasy for sure It takes place in a world called Elantra that is populated by at least five different races the humans, the lion like Leontine, the elvin like Barrani, the wing bearing Aerians, and the psychic Tha alani.The protagonist so far, is human Kaylin Neya, but I ll leave it up to you to learn about Kaylin as you read.Cast In Courtlight is Book 2 [...]

  23. There is a lot of repetition especially concerning what color of eyes the different characters had, but since those character s eyes changed color often depending on their mood or what they were thinking the repetition didn t bother me as much as it could have in other circumstances.I enjoyed the relationships Kaylin had with the other characters I found it fun she had leaway with her superiors than anyone else I would have liked to see of Marcus, the Hawklord, and Sanabalis I was glad we were [...]

  24. Lovely So many interesting things happen in this book A they say, the plot thickens We also discover Nightshade shadowy manipulations into Kaylin s destiny which outs a new spin on their interactions Overall, very promising, and it s always a pleasure to read about Barrani The narrator is also excellent here , , , , , , , , , .

  25. Sadly I found this book even confusing than the first one The politics was overwhelming and though Kaylin keeps telling us how uneducated she is, due to the fact she failed all her classes except the hands on stuff that she loved, I found her to be quiet knowledgeable at times She just seemed to like acting dumb The Barrani High Court and the way they treat there family was insane and the constant thing with the Name got really annoying.

  26. I liked this book even better than the first I thought the writing in and of itself had grown I didn t 100% understand what was happening sometimes, but that may just be because I had to read it in so many increments it took me almost 8 weeks to read because I started it 3 days before I had my daughter I ll definitely continue reading this series.

  27. Fun worldbuilding, and there might be a decent broader plot, but I have issues with how the book handles information Literally than half of this book is the protagonist doing things with no idea or explanation why not as in readers are confused, as in she doesn t know herself A huge number of topics are treated mysteriously without a good reason and for those cases when we do learn the truth, the previous mystery doesn t seem justified As a result, I don t find it terribly compelling.

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