The Killing Dance

The Killing Dance Best Read || [Laurell K. Hamilton], The Killing Dance Best Read || [Laurell K. Hamilton] - The Killing Dance, The Killing Dance Dating both a vampire and a werewolf isn t easy But just to complicate Anita s already messy life someone has put a price on her head Love cannot save her this time so she turns to Edward hitman ex

  • Title: The Killing Dance
  • Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9780425209066
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Hardcover

The Killing Dance Best Read || [Laurell K. Hamilton], The Killing Dance, Laurell K. Hamilton, The Killing Dance Dating both a vampire and a werewolf isn t easy But just to complicate Anita s already messy life someone has put a price on her head Love cannot save her this time so she turns to Edward hitman extraordinaire for help But finding the person behind the threat won t be easy because as both a vampire hunter and zombie reanimator Anita has made a lot of enemies bothDating both. The Killing Dance Best Read || [Laurell K. Hamilton] - The Killing Dance, The Killing Dance Dating both a vampire and a werewolf isn t easy But just to complicate Anita s already messy life someone has put a price on her head Love cannot save her this time so she turns to Edward hitman ex

  • The Killing Dance Best Read || [Laurell K. Hamilton]
    336Laurell K. Hamilton
The Killing Dance

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    Laurell K Hamilton is one of the leading writers of paranormal fiction A 1 New York Times bestselling author, Hamilton writes the popular Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels and the Meredith Gentry series She is also the creator of a bestselling comic book series based on her Anita Blake novels and published by Marvel Comics Hamilton is a full time writer and lives in the suburbs of St Louis with her family.


  1. WARNING SPOILERS AFOOTOkay, so these books are marketed like steamy romance vampire lover novels, right Well, The Killing Dance is the seventh book in this series that I have read, but the first where she sleeps with Jean Claude, the vamp I m a little miffed cause if she was gonna sleep with either of them, I was hoping for Richard, the wolf Or, at least hoping she would sleep with him before giving it up to Jean Claude.Now, here s the thing in books 1 4, Anita is painted as taking the higher mo [...]

  2. Our Anita Blake marathon and buddy read with Jessica continues with the sixth installment in the series I would have given this a one star, but I really want to save them for the really bad installments, which I by now know will come in a form I never really expected them to Oh the fuckers again.Let s start by saying that this is a first installment that actually felt as if Hamilton tried to write like an proper, caring author who appreciates and respects her language Or maybe this is a first in [...]

  3. I haaaate Anita Blake.She is rude She is arrogant She is pushy, bitchy, violent, frequently obstinate, has incredibly poor impulse control, and she does not strike me as particularly smart Unfortunately, I think the author thinks Anita is smart, and so I end up reading passages that are meant to show Anita getting some sort of insight, when no There s nothing there, sometimes literally the author will insert the idea that Anita s picked up on some nuance that is not there That s not valid you ca [...]

  4. Anita Blake has a hit out on her in this book And, the person who put the contract on her is offering a half a million dollars Hell, I d do it for a candy bar and a bottle of wine It could even be a box of wine Really, she s pretty unlikable.She finds out about this through Edward, one of my favorite characters, a professional hitman He was offered the contract first, but didn t take it As a matter of fact, he even decides to protect her from the hitman who does try to kill her Anita asks him wh [...]

  5. Richard okumadan nce kurtadamlar g z mde gayet sa lam heriflerdi Ancak bu meymenetsiz , gereksiz adam ile birlikte a r minno , a k ku lar na d n t ler.Eh sonu olarak ben her zaman vampir hayran yd m zaten Ya as n VAMP RLER d man m size minno kurt adamlar l m Dans u g ne kadar okudu um en iyi Anita kitab olmakla birlikte , seriyi bitirsem dahi g z mde de erini bir an bile kaybetmeyecek kitaplardan En iyisi , benim i in en zeliydi Bunu i indir ki devam kitaplar n okumaktan deli gibi korkuyorum Bil [...]

  6. This is probably my favorite book of the whole series It cuts out all of the BS and we get to the meat of what everybody wants to see There is so much focus on Anita, Jean Claude, and Richard and by book 6 it was needed Of course, she s got a half million dollar bounty on her head that she needs to figure out in the process of trying not to get dead Richard s dealing with his own pack issues he isn t seeing eye to eye with his co alpha, Marcus That climaxes in an unbelievable scene.Of course, th [...]

  7. Again another great book in the Anita Blake series, and this one is probably one of my favorite in the series Finally in this book we see a conclusion to head battle between Jean Claude and Richard Vampire or Werewolf Which one will Anita pick Can one woman successful be with two men and not lose herself I found The Killing Dance to be one of the sexier books in the series, not because there is sex in the book, but because of all the sexual tension that is built throughout the book between Anita [...]

  8. My public service announcement for the day is this If you read Anita Blake books beyond this one, you ve only got yourself to blame.I ve put a little effort into putting my finger on where this series went wrong Somewhere along the line it went from being Anita Blake Vampire Hunter to Anita Blake Supernatural Porn Star It was either this one or the next Burnt Offerings where it all went penis shaped.Don t get me wrong I like sex, and I also like porn.However, when I buy a book about a vampire hu [...]

  9. In The Killing Dance Anita Blake discovers someone has put out a serious hit on her life, she s still torn between Richard the werewolf and Jean Claude the vampire and she s drawn deeply into the tangled politics of the were pack There s isn t much in the way of police work, just a lot of pack power struggles, increased sensual tension and a visit from Edward Ahhh, Edward s here so I can deal with the lack of Anita working She needs a bit of a break after Bloody Bones anyway If Bloody Bones was [...]

  10. Anita Blake, vampire hunter and animator A fiercely loyal friend with survival instincts that would make your blood freeze and coil There is so much rage in this woman, she makes the Hulk look like Stawberry Shortcake I went for the hallway and the sound of screams.As always, the murder scenes in the Anita Blake series are impressive and stunningly delicious I find myself anticipating certain aspects of these books Am I looking forward to the lust triangle moments or the brains dripping from the [...]

  11. Sabin and his human servant, Dominic, approach Anita with a problem Sabin tried to go vegetarian for the love of his life, but now he s rotting Can Anita help Sure, no problem OnlyAnita promptly drops that thread, and it s only a sheer coincidence though a rather clever one, I ll admit that it ever comes back into the story.Anita is dating both Jean Claude and Richard supposedly because She was forced to date Jean Claude , but honestly, we all know she actually wanted to, because she s been lust [...]

  12. Ok, they need to add a zero to the selection so that you can warn others to not bother with a book Sorry to say, but after the 5th of the Anita Blake books, Laurel just totally gives up on being an AUTHOR and goes over to porno If the smut were removed from the rest of the books, then all of them together might make a single novel Otherwise they are short very short stories with lots of sex, sex scenes, people talking about sex and thinking about sex.Sorry, but if I wanted all that sex I d turn [...]

  13. Is it sad that at this point I m interested in the mysterious Edward s backstory than I am in Anita s romantic travails After a while, Anita s dithering and trust issues get stale at least this one involves some progress on this front.

  14. Bu yorumu Kitap Esintisi adresinde bulabilirsiniz.Bu kitap benim bir s redir bekledi im k sm nihayet i eriyordu u k s m tabi ki JC ve Anita yak nla mas Kitapta Anita n n ba na bir d l konuluyor ve pe ine seri katiller tak l yor Tabi bunu Edward haber veriyor, nk ilk nce teklif ona gidiyor ama kabul etmiyor Anita y nemsiyor kendince, romantik bir ili ki de il de i arkada l gibi.Bu kitap da Anita ve Richard bol bol tart yor Richard n safl beni de Anita y da sinir ediyor Anita Richard a, Marcus u l [...]

  15. I bought Laurell K Hamilton s first Anita Blake novel, Guilty Pleasures, because a friend told me the first few books in the series are good Apparently after that, they shift from mystery to erotica I found the first book entertaining, although Anita feels a bit two dimensional Clearly, there is enough intrigue to keep me reading, as I ve quickly made my way through six books thanks to the ease of Kindle ordering But all the time I am reading, I keep wondering why.The love triangle between Anita [...]

  16. 3.5 stars I know eventually this series plunges into eroticism than anything else but finally in newer books starts to revert back towards the horror mystery feel of these earlier ones , but here it is very easy to see Hamilton shifting her narrative from that of the noir laden horror mystery with some romantic entanglements into a full blown paranormal romance The book starts out strong with Anita being hunted down by an assassin, but about midway through we lose part of that story and instead [...]

  17. I basically enjoyed this book 1 Anita being hunted by an assassin, pretty cool2 Much Edward LOVE3 Bad clothing like normal4 Anita being a bitch, like normal5 Werewolf drama pretty cool6 Necromancy awesomeness Anita raising vampires is pretty cool, enjoyed the Sabin Cassandra Dominic thing even if it was predictble.7 Robert dying and have to deal with Monica blah who cares Anita HATES this bitch.6 The reason this book got two stars instead of three Anita freaking cheats on Richard and while they [...]

  18. Anita Blake serisi hi bir zaman benim istedi im ekilde ekillenerek ilerlemeyecek Devam kitaplar n bunu kabullenerek okursam daha da ok sevece im san r m Laurell in tarz daha imdiden oturdu kafamda Daha 56154 okunacak kitap var seride Ara vermeden okusam bu kadar sevmezdim diye d n yorum 6 kitapt r kitab n ba nda bir anla ma yap l yor, ba ka bir olay ortaya k yor, en ba taki olay rafa kald r l yor ve iki olay da kitab n sonunda birbirine ba lan yor a rtm yor art k Baz olaylar uzun uzuuuuuuuun anl [...]

  19. The first several novels in the Anita Blake series are great Funny, scary, a touch gory and a touch sexy As you read each book, you can really see the character development as Anita becomes sure of herself and comfortable with the monsters However, some the later books have deteriorated into little than soft porn for women Not that there s anything wrong with that However, I feel it cheapens the series, which features a great role model in Anita as a women who has accepted that her life works [...]

  20. This is where the story died, methinks I wish I could write myself into so that I could kill Anita She has become one of the worst characters I ve ever read.I loved her in the first couple of books what kind of woman doesn t like a bad ass chick But now she just annoys me with all of her whining.Another thing Hamilton tends to do is create mountains out of molehills Why To create filler This ENTIRE freaking book was filler Of course how many people would sit down to read Anita chooses Jean Claud [...]

  21. The Killing Dance is the sixth book in the controversial Anita Blake series There are different camps in the ongoing discussion whether the books get better later on, or complete crap I m not sure yet which side I m on.What I do know is that I had a great time reading The Killing Dance In this book Anita is in danger That s nothing new But now someone is hiring professionals to kill her She has a price of about half a million above her head It s just a matter of time until someone takes his chan [...]

  22. Ugh I m going against my rule and talking specifics a.k.a spoilers , because I just I Agh I m having a hard time with words So just to make things clear since I m at the tablet and I can t hide my review from here you ve been warned SPOILERS AHEAD.I m not sure why, but I don t like Richard all that much, he never made me swoon, he didn t seem right for Anita and, heck I ve been rooting for Jean Claude since book 1 So believe me when I say, I don t care that Anita slept with JC, I actually wanted [...]

  23. FINALLY This book was exactly what I was waiting for for well the last 3 books I know I usually give really short reviews, basically just saying whether or not I liked the book, but I found myself thinking about this one, and wanted to write sum with spoilers.So this book is where Anita finally makes a choice between Jean Claude and Richard It also pushed at the threesome thing a little bit, which made me groan and think she might never make a firm decision So I read and read and the general sto [...]

  24. This one wasn t one of my favorites and I ll explain In this book, things are still going well between the three, and I felt that LKH had done a subpar job on this book It was one big circle with a bunch of mini circles thrown in So much information to get to the point of the book and that just felt forced Most of this book felt forced I wanted to see a little growth with Richard, Jean Claud and Anita view spoiler The Triumvirate could have been explained a little as well Plus the ending with [...]

  25. This review publishes on A Weebish Book Blog on 11 08 2017.In THE KILLING DANCE by Laurell K Hamilton, Anita Blake continues to explore her relationship with her two very different romantic interests Jean Claude, Master of the City and the sexiest vampire around, and Richard Zeeman, the werewolf that hates himself almost as much as I hate him while also juggling werewolf politics and investigating unsolved murders.As usual, Blake is a busy bee, which keeps her from having to think to hard about [...]

  26. Ha ha, Anita mentions coordinating her clothes with her gun in the FIRST PARAGRAPH OK, I m finished Hmmm The basic mystery of this book who is trying to kill Anita was secondary to the relationship development The plot suffered for it Obviously Anita has to choose between Richard and Jean Claude, and I was a little disappointed by Anita s choice Both WHO she chose and HOW she made the choice It almost seemed an accident of circumstance rather than a conscious choice Who happened to be with her w [...]

  27. I really love this book The Killing Dance is such a good story, and so critical to the rest of the series Several series story threads get started in this book, after all view spoiler For one, Dolph s hatred of vampires makes itself felt in this book Another is that Richard s self loathing becomes readily apparent and I start to really dislike him And best of all, Jean Claude and Anita finally consummate their relationship and she accepts three vampire marks voluntarily This sign of further matu [...]

  28. This is the 6th book in the Anita Blake series and I did not enjoy it much as the previous ones My problem with this book was that it was mostly just about the main three characters Anita, Richard and Jean Claude and their relationship There was a bit of a story to bind them together and set challenges but overall this did not hold my interest that well.The one thing that Hamilton does do much better than most Urban Fantasy authors is to bring out the dual personalities of the non human characte [...]

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