The Essential Rumi

[PDF] Read ✓ The Essential Rumi : by Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi - مولوی Coleman Barks, [PDF] Read ✓ The Essential Rumi : by Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi - مولوی Coleman Barks - The Essential Rumi, The Essential Rumi This revised and expanded edition of The Essential Rumi includes a new introduction by Coleman Barks and than never before published poems Through his lyrical translations Coleman Barks has been i

  • Title: The Essential Rumi
  • Author: Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi - مولوی Coleman Barks
  • ISBN: 9780062509598
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ✓ The Essential Rumi : by Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi - مولوی Coleman Barks, The Essential Rumi, Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi - مولوی Coleman Barks, The Essential Rumi This revised and expanded edition of The Essential Rumi includes a new introduction by Coleman Barks and than never before published poems Through his lyrical translations Coleman Barks has been instrumental in bringing this exquisite literature to a remarkably wide range of readers making the ecstatic spiritual poetry of thirteenth century Sufi Mystic Rumi This revised an. [PDF] Read ✓ The Essential Rumi : by Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi - مولوی Coleman Barks - The Essential Rumi, The Essential Rumi This revised and expanded edition of The Essential Rumi includes a new introduction by Coleman Barks and than never before published poems Through his lyrical translations Coleman Barks has been i Rumi The Essential Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks with John Moyne, A.J Arberry, Reynold Nicholson, San Francisco Harper Collins, ISBN Edison NJ and New York Castle Books, ISBN Selections Description of expanded edition. Rumi Quotes Author of The Essential Rumi quotes from Rumi Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it , Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field I ll meet you there When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about , and The wound is the place where the Light enters you. Rumi Quotes Quotes, Simplicity, Wisdom Feb , Rumi s words slowed me down and I ended up on the couch breaking my stride and being present in the moment to feel tears trickling down my face while being transported to beautiful memories that remain just that Memories Alive in my heart and only shared with the world through my smile Reflection is such delicious nourishment for the soul. Rumi Poems Eight of Our Favorites by the Sufi Mystic Jul , Rumi s influence transcends national borders and ethnic divisions The greatest Sufi mystic and poet in the Persian language, writes Annemarie Schimmel, Rumi is famous for his lyrics and for his didactic epic Mas nav yi Ma nav Spiritual Couplets , which widely influenced mystical thought and literature throughout the Powerful Rumi Quotes To Live An Enlightened Life May , This Rumi quote is such an essential reminder in my life I have learned that complaining doesn t really get me anywhere but down And I have had enough proof that when I do something cheerfully or at least with the best accepting attitude, the process tends to get a bit easier than I anticipated and A LOT easier than when I do it while Rumi Quotes quotes Rumi, The Essential Rumi tags esoteric wisdom, metaphysics, rumi likes Like Lovers find secret places inside this violent world where they make transactions with beauty Rumi tags persian poetry, poetry, rumi, rumi poetry likes Like I will soothe you and heal you, Love Poems of Rumi Rumi Rumi quotes and Rumi Poems The Essential Rumi Coleman Barks Further reading Rumi The Path of Love, by Manuela Dunn Mascetti Editor Camille Kabir Helminski, Hardcover pages November, Element Books Ltd Hush, Don t Say Anything to God Passionate Poems of Rumi Jalal Al Din Rumi, Shahram Shiva, October, Jain Publishing Company. Rumi Dichter The Essential Rumi bersetzt von Coleman Barks mit John Moyne, A J Arberry, Reynold Nicholson, San Francisco HarperCollins, , ISBN Edison NJ and New York Castle Books, , ISBN X Ausgewhlte Gedichte Johann Christoph Brgel Dschalaluddin Rumi Traumbild des Herzens Hundert Vierzeiler. Poems by Rumi Rumi Rumi quotes and Rumi Poems The Essential Rumi, Coleman Barks Gone to the Unseen At last you have departed and gone to the Unseen What marvelous route did you take from this world Beating your wings and feathers, you broke free from this cage Rising up to the sky you attained the world of the soul. The Rumi Poem we should all Read elephant journal Dec , Rumi is a poet But he is also a significant spiritual teacher It s difficult for me to choose just one Rumi poem as supreme, but there is a poem that resonates deeply for me and my spiritual growth I first read it in The Essential Rumi, a compilation of his poems translated by Coleman Barks.

  • [PDF] Read ✓ The Essential Rumi : by Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi - مولوی Coleman Barks
    454Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi - مولوی Coleman Barks
The Essential Rumi

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  1. Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi - مولوی Coleman Barks

    Rumi was a 13th century Persian poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian and Sufi mystic who lived in Konya, a city of Ottoman Empire Today s Turkey His poems have been widely translated into many of the world s languages, and he has been described as the most popular poet and the best selling poet in the United States.His poetry has influenced Persian literature, but also Turkish, Ottoman Turkish, Azerbaijani, Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu, as well as the literature of some other Turkic, Iranian, and Indo Aryan languages including Chagatai, Pashto, and Bengali.Due to quarrels between different dynasties in Khor n, opposition to the Khwarizmid Shahs who were considered devious by his father, Bah ud D n W lad or fear of the impending Mongol cataclysm, his father decided to migrate westwards, eventually settling in the Anatolian city Konya, where he lived most of his life, composed one of the crowning glories of Persian literature, and profoundly affected the culture of the area.When his father died, Rumi, aged 25, inherited his position as the head of an Islamic school One of Baha ud Din s students, Sayyed Burhan ud Din Muhaqqiq Termazi, continued to train Rumi in the Shariah as well as the Tariqa, especially that of Rumi s father For nine years, Rumi practised Sufism as a disciple of Burhan ud Din until the latter died in 1240 or 1241 Rumi s public life then began he became an Islamic Jurist, issuing fatwas and giving sermons in the mosques of Konya He also served as a Molvi Islamic teacher and taught his adherents in the madrassa During this period, Rumi also travelled to Damascus and is said to have spent four years there.It was his meeting with the dervish Shams e Tabrizi on 15 November 1244 that completely changed his life From an accomplished teacher and jurist, Rumi was transformed into an ascetic.On the night of 5 December 1248, as Rumi and Shams were talking, Shams was called to the back door He went out, never to be seen again Rumi s love for, and his bereavement at the death of, Shams found their expression in an outpouring of lyric poems, Divan e Shams e Tabrizi He himself went out searching for Shams and journeyed again to Damascus.Rumi found another companion in Sala ud Din e Zarkub, a goldsmith After Salah ud Din s death, Rumi s scribe and favourite student, Hussam e Chalabi, assumed the role of Rumi s companion Hussam implored Rumi to write Rumi spent the next 12 years of his life in Anatolia dictating the six volumes of this masterwork, the Masnavi, to Hussam.In December 1273, Rumi fell ill and died on the 17th of December in Konya.


  1. I keep a copy of the Essential Rumi trans Coleman Barks with me, everywhere I go My copy, given to me in 2001, has travelled the world with me I read a poem a day, although sometimes it s a poem every other day I discovered Rumi through a great book given to me by my mother The Language of Life, a Companion Book to the Bill Moyers PBS special about poets alive today Coleman Barks, a premiere Rumi translator, was among the poets interviewed I first fell in love with this quattrain The minute I he [...]

  2. I imagine that many will wonder why my opinion of this book is so low The answer, mainly, is that Barks is not really translating Rumi here instead he is improvising, creating his own versions of what he thinks Rumi is about, which often results in a deracinated version of Rumi s original work My own experience in talking to Iranians, and others, who know Rumi s work in the original, often by heart, is that it is often impossible to find, using one of Barks poems, the original from which Barks o [...]

  3. Miraculous I learn something new every time I open this book The image that sticks to mind if how we should try to emulate a reed flute and let God s breath flow through us I ve stopped being religious when I stopped going to church when I was 16 but reading Rumi s writings is probably the closest I am to religion right now.

  4. This is always by my bed when I haven t returned it to the library again because it gracefully and fiercely reminds me of what it means to be alive, to long for truth and love, to open my heart again and again even when the wind is blowing wickedly all around me.

  5. A phenomenal read This book of poetry by the gifted Coleman Barks has become one of my bibles of spirituality it is what I would call a one in a million read I ve added it to Thoreau s Walden and the holy books The artistry and tapestry of language is unparalleled The words of Rumi come alive under the care of Barks It is impossible not to be moved by Rumi s words in this compilation If the universe could speak, this is what it would say Highly recommended

  6. This place is a dream.Only a sleeper considers it real This is a hard book for me to rate It almost seems impossible, unbearable to only reward it with three stars Parts of it gently touched my soul, and reading those few lines of pure beauty, almost felt revolutionary Rumi is mostly known for his love poems, and I can clearly see why There s a certain hint of unision and belonging in his great visions of love and he strings his words together in such a delicate serenity I fell in love with his [...]

  7. I am filled with you.Skin, blood, bone, brain, and soul.There s no room for lack of trust, or trust.Nothing in this existence but that existence I have deliberately taken over 6 years to read this book I wanted to savor it like fine wine This book is an anthology of the theologian, jurist and mystic known as The Roman despite being born in Afghanistan and writing mostly in Persian though he did live in the former Eastern Roman Empire for much of his life This book is controversially translated b [...]

  8. This is a book I return to again and again I play a game with this book, and, I admit it sounds ridiculousI will concentrate on a problem or a situation, then open the book randomly to a page and start reading something in the poem that I selected will have some relevance to the thought at hand Of course, it has to do with my interpretation of the situation, but it always lends itself to deeper thought, or it will allow me to be able to gain some fresh insight into the problem Basically, Rumi I [...]

  9. When you read Rumi, a sudden mystical fog wraps you and teleports you to places unknown places where you long to go This book gives you the most basic ideas of life with subtle hints and hard hitting thoughts You might disagree with Rumi on certain points, but never you ll discard his teachings all together as his expression is so beautiful that it is impossible not to admire Indeed, it is The Essential Rumi.

  10. HM Who Says Words with my Mouth All day I think about it, then at night I say it Where did I come from, and what am I supposed to be doing I have no idea My soul is from elsewhere, I m sure of that, and I intend to end up there This drunkenness began in some other tavern When I get back around to that place, I ll be completely sober Meanwhile, I m like a bird from another continent, sitting in this aviary The day is coming when I fly off, but who is it now in my ear who hears my voice Who says w [...]

  11. I wanted to quote some verses from this book, but each line was made beautiful by the one before it, and the one before that, until I d have to include the whole book And yet somehow the reverse effect is also true, in which the entirety of the mystic and divine collected in these pages is reflected in every word Rumi writes The study of this book will be painful to those who feel separate from God But to read any one of these poems is to erase that separation completely You that love lovers, t [...]

  12. The has to be my second favorite book of poetry Rumi was less of a poet I believe, and a vessel of grace the messages, parables, imagery, and lyrical quality of his work makes me think much of the Psalms Coleman Barks translations are exquisite I ve read many different translations of Rumi, and none are as strong, brilliant, and seem to breathe with love as his It seems that Barks was specifically chosen to be spoken through by this 12th century Sufi I had the great pleasure to meet him once Co [...]

  13. The Guest House This being human is a guest house Every morning a new arrival A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor Welcome and entertain them all Even if they re a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture, still, treat each guest honorably He may be clearing you out for some new delight The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing, and invite them in Be grateful for whoever comes, becaus [...]

  14. Rumi s writings are like a finger that again and again catches our attention by touching the deepest places in our hearts and pointing us in the direction of life.This is a beautifully put together book of interpretations of translations of some of Rumi s work and offers a good introduction to Rumi s life Rumi s words appear contemporary, and contain many wonderful thoughts, as well as his share of strange ones Enlightenment is expressed in these poems If you haven t read Rumi, you will not regr [...]

  15. I was than a little irritated at this book I don t want Coleman Barks interpretations of Rumi, I want Rumi s words Barks doesn t understand Persian and didn t translate any of Rumi s work, but he takes existing translations of Rumi and reworks them What Barks is doing is akin to a DJ mixing someone else s remix into their own DJ set, and then trying to pass that off as the original material If you re going to practice that form of collage, don t market it as anything else let the collage stand [...]

  16. This collection is my first introduction to Rumi s poetry, having been spellbound by an hour long feature of the 13th century Sufi mystic s life on Krista Tippet s radio show, On Being This body of poems is translated by the much acclaimed Coleman Banks and I couldn t ask for vigorous, modern lines.On nearly every page a fresh, sometimes startling image seizes the imagination, blowing off the dust of the mind Here s a typical example A reed flute has nine holes and is a model of human conscious [...]

  17. Rumi needs no introduction, no rating, no recommendation, no stars He is above and beyond all of this he is a constellation unto himself He is THAT magnificent a magician And his readers in English, me included, can t just thank Coleman Barks enough for translating the beauty and spirit of his poetry brilliantly I have read other translations of Rumi but those are mere translations but Coleman Barks is Rumi Quintessentially And this particular collection is brimming with gems His poetry speaks t [...]

  18. The Essential Rumi is Coleman Barks selective translation from Rumi s works, because Rumi s creativity was a continuous fountaining from beyond forms and the mind Loc 444 and the twenty eight divisions of the book are fluid and playful, as Barks himself writes however, each section contains a Sufi symbol or poetic motif the wine, desire body, the sheikh, the turn etc and a few explanations before the series of poems begins These literary creations contain Sufi wisdom and quotes from the Qur an, [...]

  19. Coleman Barks went to Philadelphia to visit The Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, a Sri Lankan Muslim sheik The Bawa told him that his life s work would be translating the poems of Jelalludin Rumi Barks took The Bawa s advice to heart, and started down the path that would find Barks becoming the truest, most inspired translator of Rumi s work I have read many different translators work, and none of them, not even Stephen MItchell, can begin to compare with Barks.It is impossible to study Sufism and not include [...]

  20. Again, a translator brought the text alive for me Barks is, himself, a poet and his translations are like interpretations I think it is the only way to go with translating poetry The translator must essentially make a new poem in the new language for it to work I became a Rumi aholic, but rarely stray from Barks translations.

  21. one of my Goodfriends Friends has rated this book 2 stars and explains this by saying he thinks the translator has taken huge liberties with the original, Rumi, that is So, my rating s based on the book as it is and the belief that it s real like you believe a movie s real The danger of reading this sort of poetry Whitman is another glaring example is that you can so easily get caught up in the ecstasy of it You can get drunk on it And you can believe anything is possible And you can start to th [...]

  22. I only have myself to blame for this one I don t know what possessed me, self proclaimed poetry hater, to read 416 pages of Persian poetry translated into English confession I do know what possessed me though for the sake of my reputation lets not mention that I read this after Harry Styles was seen reading it Overall, I understood a lot than I do when I read the originals, I enjoyed a few parts of it and I highlighted quite a bit but at the end of the book I was left feeling slightly sorry for [...]

  23. Essential is a good word for the title of this anthology This collection of Rumi s work is so complete I usually skip around in poetry anthologies, but here the verses are organized into playful groupings that refer to one another subtlety but completely I didn t expect to find myself reacting and relating to a Muslim poet from the 13th century the way that I did, but he transcends any barrier that would inhibit the relevance of his words Try to find the version with Huston Smith s introduction

  24. I read Rumi s poetry constantly It is comforting, brings peace to my soul and has constant great, practical advice for life s ups and downs It s hard to believe these works were written centuries upon centuries ago.

  25. I love Rumi I am Persian and so was he, although the comparison stops there Rumi was brilliant.In September of 2012, I created a photographic gallery of Rumi quotations and used a few of the quotes from Coleman Bark s book with direct permission from the author I thought it was so cool that he emailed me back and was gracious about it This book has been sitting on my nightstand for months I pick it up in between other books, read a page or two, let it sink and then go back to it a few nights lat [...]

  26. I didn t come here of my own accord, and I can t leave that way.Whoever brought me here will have to take me home Coleman Barks was introduced to the poetry of Rumi by Robert Bly.with Bly saying these poems need to be released from their cages Since that time Barks has worked with literal translations of Rumi, transforming them into modern poetry Rumi was a 13th century Persian mystic, as essential to the Muslim world as Shakespeare to the Western world The poetry is remarkable mystic, spiritual [...]

  27. While some level the charge that the Barks translations lose something essential in the mix, the poetry presented here has an impressive immediacy that inspires on several levels Read them along with other translations.

  28. Rumi is arguably the greatest poet of all time, even in translation his Mathnawi, is considered the Persian Koran Along with Homer and Dante, perhaps he encompasses the spiritual storytelling power of love, faith, joy and knowledge Highly recommended for all.

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